Williamson County football

Three Williamson County football teams to get turf fields

The Williamson County School Board approved 2.2 million pounds each for three schools in the district to establish a grass football field, according to a report from Tennessee.

Centennial, Fairview and Ravenwood high schools will receive new grass before the start of the 2021 season, which may begin sometime in late August, with Independence and Summit County being the only public schools in the county that still have natural grass.

The school board said all three schools would use fieldturf – the company had previously used artificial grass pitches at Brentwood, Franklin, Knowlensville and Page high schools.

Irrigation and fertilizer application can cost natural grass fields between 15,000 and 30,000 per year and require changing artificial grass every six to eight weeks, which will be less expensive for the district in terms of complete maintenance.

Although soccer teams are the primary beneficiaries of the new grass fields, soccer and lacrosse teams, as well as marching bands, use the soccer field in their own opportunities.

Both Fairview and Ravenwood have been advocating for grass farms for years, and the problem has arisen from areas damaged by rain. For the past several years, the Tennessee Titans have been organizing drills at the prison for centuries, with the luxury of helping the Titans Ground team maintain the field.

Franklin and Page was the last school to add grass fields in 2018 to Frank

Page has spent $ 1.5 million on his project, which includes a new grass field, a new rubber track and a new fence around the track.

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