Herd signee hurls Minford past Pirates

Herd signee hurls Minford past Pirates, 2-0

Ohio – Minford (25-2) beat Wheelersberg 2-0 in the high school Division III, Region 11 baseball semifinals Thursday after Marshall University firm Eliza Vogelsong-Lewis threw a shot from four hits.

The victory sent the Falcons to the regional finals for the fourth time in five seasons. Minford beat the Pirates 2-2, 3-0 and 2-0 this year, the first sweep of the series since 2001.

Vogelsong Lewis scored 12 runs to win.

Mason Book set a winning record in the third race. He walked, was third by mistake, then crossed Grant Wheeler’s home plate. With the fifth two outs, Wheeler had an infield hit, then Adam Crank’s triple goal.

Minford will face Burnsville or Frederictown in the regional championship game Saturday afternoon in Lancaster.

He finished 22-8 at Wheelsburg.

Seasonville 10, Insect 4: Colten Carpenter went 2-for-3 and led the way with a three-run victory over the Dots in the Out Indies AA Division IV, Division IV tournament.

Colin Cottrell was 2 of 3 and Brian Perdu stole two hits and five bases for Seasonville (18-5) Toby Pine was 2 of 2 with two home runs and three RBI Dots (2-2). Ethan Payen was 2 of 4.


Nitro 12, Insect 0: Club AA, Region IV, The Wildcats scored 10 runs in the first round to overcome spectacular points from the Division 1 tournament.

Sidney Crowley scored three and Avery Say two.

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