NJ high school junior

NJ high school junior holds share of lead at U.S. Women’s Open

On Thursday, high school student Megha composed a 4-under 67 shot on the song, becoming the first fan in 15 years to be a partner in leadership after any round of the US Open.

The 17-year-old from Lake Jersey in New Jersey made nine birdies to the back to take the sole possession of the lead before boogieing on the 18th hole to end the game with the Reds. Olympic club

Gan became the first fan to lead after a round of the Women’s Open since Jane Park began working at Newport Country Club at Jane Park 200 Park.

I think the ability to play smart and not take unnecessary risks didn’t scare me, and when I’ve been there a few times, Gan was the key to her success. Because clearly there are holes here that I’m not going to put in the fairway, and it’s very easy to panic, and I didn’t.

Gann needed a playoff last month to qualify for the second US Open of his career, but he was more comfortable here than two years ago when he was cutting.

I think it’s the first time that someone gets nervous and meets your idols and goes on stage for the first time, he said. But for the second time, he wasn’t too nervous about practice. I thought I could come here and play my whole game instead of just getting wet

He made his way to Stanford right where he plans to go to college after graduating from high school next year. He birdied three of the first eight holes and made three more in the last nine to cut off a pair of shoes.

She made one of his few mistakes when she tried to approach him in the Greenside Bunker at 6 p.m.

The infamous Tough Lake course played a bit easier than usual after the rough was clipped a bit before the round. Fifteen players shot alongside Canada’s Brooke Henderson and American Angel Yin and Megan Khang. Henderson fell from a portion of the lead to the 18th hole within 20 feet on all three lanes.

Lexi Thompson, Yuka Sasso and Shanshan Feng were two shots behind.

Other notable players include defending champion A Kim Kim of South Korea, who fought, and 2014 champion Michelle Way West, who scored 744 runs.

This is the first time women have come to the Lake Course overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The event, however, has a rich history for men, hosting five of the other five open events in the United States and three American fans.

On Thursday, the game at 3611 Yards played the course as one of the toughest despite the traditional risk of water and not just having a fire bunker. In 1999, Lee Zhenzhen even won a draw, and in 2012, Webb Simpson won by one, twice in just five men here in the United States.

Reed set speed in the morning. The Englishwoman started from the ninth hole and her first two approach shots hit par 4 for 10 of the birds for which she added birdies on numbers 15 and 16, the other on her penultimate hole and on the other side she only had one . swing.

“I don’t think the score was honestly out,” she said. She had a pretty good game plan. This is probably my best moment for the tournament. We had a game plan and he got stuck. If you have problems, find out, do a great job. I think the key here is the first two or three days without taking too many risks and I did not do that.

Reid, who won his first LPGA Tour title with six victories on the European Tour last October, has had little success in his career in the U.S. Open. He missed four of his previous five cuts in the tournament and finished 50th in his second appearance in 2012.

Reid said he assisted in two rounds of lengthy conversations with two-time US Open champion Brooks Koepker until he made it to the round.

“He gave me some things that a major follows, so obviously I appreciate his help,” he said. I thought what he told me was honestly invaluable and he made me look a little different. That is why I feel that I have prepared the best for myself.

During a quick early use of the Red to climb to the top of the lead chart, Yin made an aggl at par 517 and a birdie at par 418 to beat the buzzies in the first nine to 17 shots from the American in the first nine. He helped.

Jessica and Nellie Corda, one of the teams presenting the morning, and daughter of Peter Tener Corda, the 1998 Australian Open men’s tennis champion, took advantage of their parents’ grouping and were able to see both daughters together.

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