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Three things Sugar Skulls need to fix heading into Sunday’s game at Duke City

Tucson Sugar Scholes coach Dixie Watten believes her team gained valuable experience as a result of Friday’s opening rate at Greece Bay Blizzard last Friday, which will apply to Sunday’s game at Duke City Gladiators.

Blizzard came into the game after playing four games already. Tucson, as a company, was playing its first game in two seasons because COVID-19 canceled operations last year.

Sugar Schools will play its second game on Sunday at 5:50 pm (Tucson time) in Duke City, which will play its first game at home in Albuquerque.

Duke City, which made its Futsal League debut last Saturday, won against the Iowa Bernstermers, former Whiten team, against time 3-55 in overtime.

Bhutan broke the three sugary scalp areas that must be fixed in the win against Dutti City.

1. Latest Balgames

Wooten said that we are at the top towards the end and we will finish the ball game.

Minnesota Golden Goffer quarterback Demire Croft led Tixon to Green Bay 16, 23 minutes later the line stopped at 23 yards per second. His fourth-down pass in the last zone was incomplete.

He finished 15 of 26 attempts for 160 yards with two touchdowns and an interception and rushed for 52 yards and a touchdown in his first game with Tucson.

The Sugar Scales outscored 22-28 in the second half at 22-36.

2. The growth of young players

Second, what makes our young players grow, especially our young quarterback, Watten said. We have many young people who have never played indoor games before. Also, make sure my guys are prepared for the football situations that come out of the game. So, we got a lot out of it. We will have a lot of growth from one week to the next.

Sugar Sculls has 12 penalties that are 91 yards.

Player development is essential and Mike Jones is an example of how Sugar Scales can improve from week one to week two.

Jones, who won first-team All-IFL honors in his rookie season with Sugar Scholes in 2019, rushed for 38 yards on 11 carries and had one touchdown, and three receptions for 26 yards at Green Bay.

3. Provide players with putty training in better situations.

Third, being better as a coaching staff to ensure we can keep our guys in better shape, Watten said.

Penalties are part of this and therefore a common burden of the game plan and game calls.

“Make sure we are where we are,” Wooten said. You know, soccer is Chinese arithmetic, so we have to make sure we get it right.

Kent Shelby II is Croft’s most goal against Blizzard, five passes for 67 yards and a touchdown.

Former Utah standout Corey Butler-Baird recovered two fumbles and forced another against Blizzard in his first game as a member of the Sugar Scholes. He now leads the IFL in a weak recovery and is destined for a steamy leadership in IFL with graduates of Santa Rita and Pima College, Cam Gadis and TT Barbara in force.

Gaddis suffered three broken ribs and a collapsed lung before ending the game against Green Bay. He will be inactive in Sunday’s game.

Both Gaddis and Barber had five tackles to lead the team in that division against Green Bay.

After one game, the Sugar Sculls are allowed points in every fifth Defense League game (42) and in third place in the league (152).

Duke City quarterback Net Davis, who wanted 228 yards and seven touchdowns in the game, led the IFL in completion percentage and quarterback efficiency per game.

The Sugar Scholes Home Opener will play Iowa at the Tucson Convention Center on Saturday night at 0:05 and in front of 100 percent of the spectators (9,275 seats at TCC).

In three seasons with the Bernsteiners, Watten was selected twice as IFL coach, won the 2018 United Bowl Championship and finished the 2012 regular season with a 12-2 record before Sugar Scholes joined China School as coach in boss and general manager. Season 2019.

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