July 23, 2021

Huntsville redoing baseball stadium, hopes to lure soccer

Huntsville redoing baseball stadium

Huntsville redoing baseball stadium, hopes to lure soccer

The city of Huntsville plans to renovate an old minor league baseball stadium into a facility that can be used for football and and other sports, possibly including a new professional soccer draw.

On Thursday, officials revealed council members’ plans to upgrade Joe Davis Stadium, which would be occupied by the city’s smallest league team, according to news reports. A new stadium built west of the city opened this year as the home of Trash Ponds in Rocket City, who moved to mobile.

The city is discussing rebuilding the stadium for use by high school soccer teams and other grass sports. City Manager John Hamilton said he, too, could help bring a new team to Huntsville.

“We look forward to using this project as a catalyst as an opportunity to bring some professional development as well as professional soccer teams to the north end of John Hunt Park,” he said.

He said the old baseball’s seating capacity will be reduced from 10,000 to about 10,000,000, and facilities will be added, including new lighting, updated seating, an improved scoreboard and new discount zones.

Previously, officials spent about 8 8 million on the reform. Hamilton said the city expects the construction tender to be awarded in late summer, with the high school’s first football game starting at the stadium the following year.

Some council members expressed surprise at the plan, which hinted at the loss of stars the baseball team had previously lost at the stadium.

So are we making it bigger in the hopes that this professional soccer team will show up? Member Frances Akriz.

Mayor Tommy Battle said the job would show potential new equipment owners that the city is serious. He said officials could revert to a less involved plan if the numbers don’t add up, he said.

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