Carmel falls in soccer final

High School sports: Locals fare well at CCS swim finals, Carmel falls in soccer final

Among them were five school records at the end of 24 hours and six podiums, containing a memorable finale at an unprecedented moment.

For Patrick Powers, who addressed Layla Merrimount, this was his final competition in the Stevenson School pool in the Central Coast Section swimming final at St. Benito High on Saturday, as his focus shifted to water polo. all the time.

Harrison Hank and Kai Garren will begin a new chapter of swimming next spring at College before leaving the seal at Carmel High in the final race.

The power bid for a 50-yard CCS freestyle title fell as the Pirates School record holder finished second in 20.92 seconds. In less than 24 hours after breaking the school’s mark for 100 free in the preliminaries, the seniors finished third in 46th place.



Powers, who graduated Sunday, said he hadn’t realized it yet. It probably can’t be established that I swam my last run until I got to college. It ended on a good note.

Hong, who will swim next year at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut, broke a pair of Carmel School records in the final, finishing second behind 100 (51..62) and 100 fly (49.93) third.

Garen added a school record of 200 free, in third place with 1: 42.68. The veteran, who leads at Washington University in St. Louis, also finished third in the 500 freestyle (4: 44.71).

There are no state championships this year due to epidemics, as it was the last race of the season and his high school career.

The forces ranked eighth in a total of 400 free relays with Jasper Dale, Will Weber and Adrian Jean.

Due to the tradition of the epidemic that traditionally delayed the start of spring sports, only three swimmers met before the division championships.

His third year was interrupted when all spring epidemics stopped during the epidemic, Powers was seventh in the CCS final in 1990 as a sophomore of 50 free (21.42). Breaking the school record two weeks ago, he rewrote about half a second in Saturday’s final.

It’s such a brief event, Powers said. Everything has to be perfect. I got off to a very good start. Everything looked good. I felt very fast. I had a good turn. He (the winner) can stay a little faster than the turn. There was nothing wrong with that.

Powers jumped 15 spots from 2019 to 100 free, taking him more than two seconds to set a school record in Friday’s preliminaries.

Of the 100 finals, I’ve been the fastest so far, Powers said. I was basing myself on the leader. However, on my third shift, the wall was slippery and I didn’t feel very well pushed. I had to play capup. If I didn’t slip, I would have broken my record again.

Hong finished 25th in 2019 and moved up 25 places, more than three seconds after extending the Padres school mark behind 100. He was 11th in his sophomore year, 100 flying, the best shave of his career. .

Garen finished 14th in the divisional final in 2014 with 11 places and six places in the 500 freestyle.

Monterey girls Jenna Nguyen, Ella Cabanilas, Kelsey Dodge and Skyler Alexander’s 400 free relay teams finished 12th overall. Four records in the swim race during Friday’s preliminaries are 3: 47.89.

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Carmel did not concede a goal in the postseason, including a 5-0 win over Aptos in the first leg last week, and that was the situation until the final ten minutes of control before Harbor’s life came to an end. .

Carmel led 1-0 and played a man on a red card, after Harris’s Otis Pendergraft, passing Jacob Diver, found himself next to the Padres goalie on the right side of the goal. He left the ball in the upper left corner for about five minutes to equalize.

It was a presentation of the second winning series of overtime games. Alejandro Guzmán hit a free kick near the center of the field and brought the goal to the top post. Pendergraft stepped up to the title and placed him close to an extended goalie to show that he was a game winner.

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