Orange County softball

This week’s Orange County softball top 25

This week’s Orange County High School Softball Rankings.

Softball Top 25


(Registrations from Monday to May 24)

1. Huntington Beach 19-4

Give the Eulers the time they deserve, they are the absolute champions of the surf league. Give MVP to Divine Grayer.

2. Los Alamitos 15-6

The Division 1 Griffins need a win at Edison on Tuesday to secure an automatic second entry into the Surf League playoffs, against which they are 0-2.

3. Villa Park 19-2

The Spartans are still looking for their offense after Monday’s 3-2 win over Footthill.

4. Pacifica 17-3

The Mariners came back from a one-run loss to Cyprus on Monday to claim at least part of the Empire League title, beating Valencia 13-2.

5. Hope 16-3

The Aztecas’ 1-0 victory at Villa Park last week put them in position to claim a share of the Crestview League title.

6. Orange Luthan 17-10

The Lancers (5-2 in the league) can clinch the full Trinity title by visiting JSERA on Wednesday.

7. Edison 9-9

The Division 2 Chargers could claim the second automatic Surf League play-off berth with a win against Los Al Tour on Tuesday, ending the season by swimming.

8. Santa Margarita 16-6

Ag Gols (4-3 in the league) still beat Rosario on Wednesday and could get part of the Trinity crown with the help of JSERA.

9. Marina 12-8

The Division 1 Vikings were twice eliminated last week in a tough surfing league with a 1-0 win over Edison.

10. Subject DII 10-7

Raja, who is 5-3 in the Trinity League, battled the dangerous Whittier Christian (18-2) and Brooklyn Carrion (19 strike strike) on Tuesday.

11. Mission Vizo 11-5

12. Whiter Christian 18-2

13. La Habra 17-7-1

14. Sonora 15-5

15. Cypress 13-8

16. Aliso Niguel 16-9

17. JSERA 11-11

18. Rosary 15-11

19. Capistrano Valley 12-3

20. Beckman 16-5

21. Segerstrom 18-2

22. Kennedy 9-10

23. Dana Hill 7-11

24. Treasure 12-7

25. San Juan Mountains 4-10

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