Oliver Ames High School sports briefs

Oliver Ames High School sports briefs

Oliver Ames girl Lacrosse loses to King Philip

Oliver Ames of the women’s lacrosse team lost to King Felipe 7-4 on May 18 after a close defensive match between the two teams. Georgia Costello is an OA impact player who scored three goals from the 8-meter line. Emma O’Donnell is also good at the net, saving a few shots from KP attacks. Emilee Nuss and Lili Lozano focused primarily on crimes caused by folds.

Oliver Ames Men’s Tennis Autumn Foxborough

Oliver Ames’ men’s tennis team lost to Foxborough 4-1 on May 18. Both teams in this contest performed better than the previous day’s match. Oliver Ames Junior Captain Kailas Ganesh lost a close match against Foxborough’s single-player Garrett Spirannes (6-7, 2-6). The only OA victory of the day was due to freshman Kahlil Bandran’s second double tandem and freshman Jiva Segaran. The pair defeated two Foxborough seniors, Marek Stone and Joe Son Pierre, 6-3, 6-2.

College softball Oliver Ames defeats Foxborough

College softball Oliver Ames defeated Foxborough on May 18. Emma Valera threw a complete game with four strikeouts. He also scored one run and one RBI 3-4. OA recorded 9 runs and added another run in the 5th inning without losing the lead. Foxborough threatened in 7th place but couldn’t close the gap. Taylor Lake (1-2, Run) and Catherine Farley (1-3, Double, Run) each had two RBIs that day, and Maddy Homer had two RBIs on OA. Lexi Galsband (2-5) and Madison Monteiro scored RBIs and a second goal.

Oliver Ames Women’s Tennis loses to Foxborough

Oliver Ames Tigers scored a final 2-3 score at Foxborough on May 18, one point more than in their previous match against Foxborough. Caroline Pepper and Morgan Vasiliu’s first doubles team played and scored the first points for OA. The duo won the running set and lost a total of three games. The second point of OA came from the second doubles teams, Lizzy Macadam and Elizabeth O’Brien.

First single: Kate McCormick vs Athenary 0-6, 0-6

Individual seconds: Sarah Morley vs Pam Nelson 0-6, 0-6

Third Single: May Holmes vs Sarah Plug 0-6, 1-6

First Doubles: Caroline Pepper / Morgan Vasiliu vs. Maggie McCorriff / Abbey Costa 6-0, 6-3

Double Seconds: Lizzy Macadam / Elizabten O’Brien vs. Alyssa Crohati / Emily Stowe 6-3, 6-4

Oliver Ames Baseball Defeats Foxborough

Oliver Ames High School defeated Foxborough 13-2 on May 18. Jake Waxman was two out of three with home runs and three RBIs. There were 3 RBIs and 2 RBIs on the whiteside. Jack Morley made his varsity debut with one hit, two runs, two stolen bases and two walks. Matt Nigro has proposed a great game that allows for 2 earned runs, 6 hits, 5 innings, 4 hits and 2 walks.

Oliver Ames Wrestling Team Defeats Canton

The Oliver Ames Wrestling Team defeated Canton 45-29 on May 13. OA highlights include Natalie Kepler’s Menarche Pin for £ 138, Junior John Daubin, Nam Phan and Junior’s Menarche Pin for £ 160, and Junior Captain Geojust. 113 Elyor Ruzmatov defeated Yuri Leskiv in Canton at his first college.

Oliver Ames Wrestling Team Falls to Foxborough

The Oliver Ames battle was defeated by Foxborough 34-33. OA highlights include Kyle Hardy, who won £ 126 on the Shawn Bubensik 7-4, and Matt Simone 11, Senior Captain of Stavros Constantinou, who defeated Shawn Foley on the £ 132 pin. Includes Henry Million, who earned £ 145 at age 8 and junior. .. 220 Chris Mills won his first college victory in his career.

Oliver Ames Girls Lacrosse loses to Foxborough

Foxborough’s women’s lacrosse team defeated Oliver Ames 19-4 on May 19. Emma Pereira and Mary Cross were part of the acquisition of Oliver Ames Raffle. Taylor McAndrew, Emma Shercancy, and Katie Wilson quickly crossed Oliver Ames’ courts in the offensive, medium, and defensive zones.

Oliver Ames Girls Lacrosse falls to Foxborough

Oliver Ames’ women’s lacrosse team fell to Foxborough 20-4 on May 20th. Lee Spereira was strong in the draw. Emma Sharkansky scored two goals in OA and Emma O’Donnell saved many lines.

Oliver Ames Baseball loses to Franklin

The Oliver Ames High School baseball team lost to Franklin 8-0 on May 20th. Christian Papasodero threw five innings and allowed two earned runs. Jake Waxman, Joe Cicchetti, Patrick Finati.

Oliver Ames Women’s Tennis Defeats Franklin

The Oliver Ames Women’s Tennis Team defeated the Franklin Team for the first time on May 20 with a score of 4-1. Senior co-captain Kate McCormick beat her opponent in a straight set with her first single. The third individual player, May Holmes, played a long game to win the third set of tiebreakers. Top doubles teams Morgan Vasiliu and Caroline Pepper played strong tennis to win the race set. Marina Miel’s Winsky played her first college match with her second doubles partner, Elizabeth O’Brien. O’Brien and Mierzwinski took the first set 6-2 and the second set was decided in favor of the OA tiebreaker.

First Single: Kate McCormick vs. Vedica Vinayak 6-2 6-2

Second single: Sarah Morley vs. Hailey Morin 2-6, 2-6

Third Person: May Holmes vs Saraski Arbo 7-6 (8-6), 0-6, 12-10

First Doubles: Caroline Peper / Morgan Vasiliou vs. Jess Pingeton / Shriya Rajesh 6-1, 6-4

Double Seconds: Marina Mierzwinski / Elizabeth O’Brien vs Lexi Masters / Janvi Shah 6-2, 7-6 (7-2)

Oliver Ames Boys Lacrosse falls to Foxborough

Oliver Ames’ men’s lacrosse team lost to Foxborough 9-2 on May 20th. Wyatt Richman and Doug Oliveira scored in OA. Second grade Noah Isleib made 15 saves and Jack Magit played a great defensive game when he made his first varsity start.

Oliver Ames Softball loses to Franklin

The Oliver Ames softball team lost to Franklin on May 20 with a score of 16-14. Katie Melendy (2-4, 2 runs) threw 2/3 innings 5 ​​times, allowing 4 earned runs and 3 strikeouts. OA lost the lead early on in the fifth mistake and never regained the lead. Emma Valera (2-4, 2 runs, 1 RBI) ended the game by connecting the last third of the innings. Senior catcher Grace Simone (4-5, doubles 2, 1 run) led the offense, driving in 5 runs and throwing three runners ranked second in the defense. Taylor Lake also drove in with 3 runs and 2 hits. Maddy Homer scored 3 RBIs 3-5, stole 2nd base for OA and added another RBI. Caitlin Miller has two doubles and won the race. Catherine Farley has added another RBI for OA.

Oliver Ames battle falls to King Philip

King Philip defeated Oliver Ames with a score of 48-30 in the battle on May 20th. OA highlights include 160-year-old junior captain Gio Juste. He improved to 4-0 in the season with a fourth pin in the first period of the year. About Noaridel of KP. Senior captain Stavros Constantinou also had a £ 126 menarche against Evan Ossinger. Junior Anthony Hoffman also won his first diversity victory at £ 182 against KP’s Lucas Morel.

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