High School Buds Giolito, Flaherty Meet as Major League Aces

High School Buds Giolito, Flaherty Meet as Major League Aces

Imagine what you want to do. Imagine your high school classmates also like to do so.

Now imagine you can do it together on a national stage.

It happens Tuesday night when Lucas Giolito and Jack Flaherty confront two friends and a former high school classmate in a major league match on the South Side.

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Two Southern California kids leading a pair of Midwestern candidates in a team battle in the first place? It’s something at the dream level.

You have already reached an incredible kingdom. The fact that three Major League Baseball ace pitched together on the same high school team at Harvard-Westlake High School in Los Angeles. Giolito threw a no-hitter no-run match against the Chicago White Sox last year. Flaherty got off to a perfect 8-0 start this season at the St. Louis Cardinals. Max Fried started in 5th place in last year’s NL Cy Young vote and has already played in three Atlanta Braves postseason games.

And now his high school pitching coach has joined the top of the sport. Ethan Katz joined them in his first year as a White Sox pitching coach.

I think Giolito was like a friendly match on Monday. With Max, Jack, me, and the rest of the high school team, I wanted everyone on the team to succeed. We work hard and move each other forward in our daily work.

We were just trying to win the game, throw the ball well and focus on being selected in the draft.

They were the first round picks and the majority. Fried food was 7th overall, Giolito was 16th, and Fraherty was 34th.

Katz’s guidance was rewarded.

Now that all three have won the title of one of the best pitchers in baseball, the Giolito-Frahati showdown will be truly exciting. Joritos has already encountered things like Shane Bieber and Jacob DeGrom. Another of the best weapons in the game has arrived and turns out to be one of Giolitos’ best friends.

He said it would be fun. He entertains me every time I play against a guy like Beaver, DeGrom, or Flaherty. Many would say that the pressure is high, or that he is a good pitcher for us. But I think it’s more fun because it’s like participating in this game and doing everything you can to maximize your chances of winning.

Family and friends come to this. A high school boy coach will participate. And of course, great attention is paid to the two best games: two pitchers who can trade until October and two pitchers who help each other.

From friendships with his teammates to turning professionals to getting together in the off-season to work on things, Giolito said we have a very strong relationship. I asked a lot of questions about his slider in the past, he asked me about my changes. And we do it all forever, as if we were looking at each other.

I think it started when we were high school students and he was two years younger than me. I think I was proud of it before, but after that it really stood out. I was in a minor league before him and was talking to him about it. As far as I asked, it really, really turned it on, well, what are you doing well? I always have such conversations.

Two friends, two high school graduates, two pitchers. The relationship was strong and remained strong from the beginning. He is currently at the center of the Major League Baseball stage.

Lucas was one of the first. When I was in the first grade, he was in the third grade. He was one of the first to introduce himself to me. He doesn’t remember. Flaherty told reporters on Monday. I went with him everywhere. He was one of the people who took me for a walk that needed to practice and play on the weekends. I was always near him.

It’s rare. I think it’s very rare that they all come from the same high school. I don’t know when it happened or when it happened. It’s cool and I want to have fun during the game.

And, as is often the case with young stars in the game, I wonder if these moments are a preview of what’s even more important.

We were all very intimate. I think it’s a great moment, Giolito said. After all, it was supposed to happen among the three of us. I wasn’t in line until the last day, so it’s my first time with him.

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