NJSIAA officially modifies the HS sports calendar, also appoints a football coordinator

New Jersey has a new sports calendar and a new football coordinator.

Helgo and farewell were at the executive committee meeting of the New Jersey State Interstitial Athletic Association on Wednesday.

Beloved longtime assistant director Bill Bruno announced his retirement to address growing health concerns. Jack Dubois, who has been with the NJSIA for 25 years from today, is also retiring and leaving a vacancy to oversee football in the state.

NJSIAA executive director Callen Maguire announced the reorganization of the team, saying that Greg Bailey, an experienced North Jersey official and member of the executive committee, would take on the newly created role of football coordinator and report directly to him.

I will be involved in NJSIA related football items every day, ”he said after the meeting. “I’ll be involved with the Football Coaches Association and the Minority Football Coaches Association, answering ADS questions, all the things that come up in football all the time.

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