August 3, 2021

She grew up playing baseball. At this NC high school, she found a home on the team

grew up playing baseball

She grew up playing baseball. At this NC high school, she found a home on the team

Meredith McFadden turns the question around.

She was asked if she chose to play baseball at Olympic High rather than participate as a member of the women’s softball team.

Why don’t I want to play baseball? Instead, he asked Olympic catcher and infielder McFadden.

This is the game I grew up playing with, she said. This is the language I know.

Senior McFadden is part of baseball’s revival at the Olympics under head coach Tommy Small.

Powered by a powerful power system through the Little League program in Pinville, the Olympics were the power of baseball nearly a decade ago. The former Mount Pleasant High head coach made it to the Olympics in 2019.

The Trojans got off to a great start this season by winning their first seven games. They have thrown a few crossovers in recent weeks, facing Shakti Ardre Kel and Providence at Sommek 7 4, but they took an 8-5 record against Ardre Kel in their second regular season finale on Thursday. And they’ve been holding shots to make 4A spots in the playoffs later this month; The field was announced on Saturday.

Small says a large part of this increase is due to a core group of players coming through the Steel Creek and Pineville youth baseball programs.

McFadden was part of that team.

I grew up with most of the guys in this group, she said. My older brother (Colin) played baseball and I went to practice. I loved the game and that’s what he played. I have always played baseball.

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Short said McFadden is a strong defensive player who has stayed at his plate and has hit 220 or higher in her high school career.

She doesn’t have the energy she saw in some players, but he hits the ball through the gap and sits up, he added.

When he’s not caught, he starts from second base.

McFadden drew attention to Major League Baseball, which invited him to the Florida Girls Baseball Breakthrough Camp in 2018. She was one of roughly 60 girls who were the only female members of its high school baseball team.

Her stories were somehow heard, McFadden told about the Bollywood men she met at the camp. Some girls received more rejection than me.

I was lucky. I don’t think the Olympians guys have thought twice. I was always accepted.

Small said that when she first trained at the Olympics, she called a meeting of prospective baseball players.

I thought she was a manager, she reminded herself.

He then practiced.

Meredith was out, and I remember, ‘Hell! She is basically beautiful! “Her. Her strategy, her basics… she knew what she was doing.

McFadden’s father, Mike, said he and his wife, Heather, never worried about his daughter playing baseball. She spent a lot of time in the field, he said. He grew up with this game and we are very proud of what he has done.

His academic foundations are pretty good too. He carries a 4.6 GPA (5.0 scale) and is president of the Olympic Games chapter of the National Honor Society. He graduated last week with honors.

Whats Next?

McFadden hopes to form a US women’s baseball team next year and join the University of South Carolina in the fall.

While she probably won’t see him play with the SEC’s perennial gamecocks, she hopes to help the Colombian baseball team.

All I want to do is get a spot on the baseball team as a bullpen catcher (Gamecox), she said. I think she can help girls from other places.

If the coaches see that we can handle a job like Bullpen Catcher, it opens the door to other girls like me who love baseball.

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