Long Island championships to be played in baseball, softball and lacrosse this spring.

Long Island championships to be played in baseball, softball and lacrosse this spring

This spring, four team sports will host the Long Island Championship.

The section directors of Nassau and Suffolk have created a schedule to end the spring season with long island title games for boys and girls lacrosse, softball and baseball.

Tom Combs, Executive Director of Section XI, Suffolk’s interdisciplinary athletics governing body, hopes to ultimately come up with a plan that will serve everyone. We know how passionate high school fans are in their sport, and this is another step in the process of returning to normal.

Due to concerns about the coronavirus and the difficulty of scheduling the event, the Winter Sports Championship was not held on Long Island (held in January and February). Field hockey was the only autumn sports SCI held this year (held in March and April).

Boys Lacrosse, Girls Lacrosse and Softball will host the Long Island Championship Game on Saturday, June 19th. The rainy day for softball is Sunday, June 20th. There are no state championships this year.

On June 19, Brookhaven will host three softball championships at the Molisch Athletic Complex. Class AA matches are scheduled for noon and Class B will continue at 1:30 pm. Class A at 3:00 pm

Girls Lacrosse has four traditional state classifications and is held at Bethpage Middle School. Class A play begins Saturday at 10 am, Class B play begins at noon, and Class C play begins at 2 pm. Class D at 4 pm

Boys Lacrosse also plays in East Islip High School, which has four grades. Class D play begins at 10 am, Class A is played at 12:30 pm, and Class B is played at 3 pm. Class C at 5:30 pm

According to Combs, the presidents of various sports coordinated with Nassau and worked very hard to achieve it. There were many contests in a short period of time this spring. Thanks to their achievements, they were able to finish a very successful season with the addition of the Long Island Championship Game.

Baseball has moved away from the traditional five-state rankings this year. Instead, six meeting titles will be provided. Suffolk Baseball President Ryan Cox has guaranteed three of six championship games to St. Joseph’s University in East Patch on Sunday, June 20th. Suffolk hosts meetings 1, 3, and 5 that can be promoted. Nassau will host the title game at meetings 2, 4 and 6 on June 20th on the site to be announced. There is no expiration date for baseball.

Pat Pizzarelli, executive director of Section VIII, which oversees all athletics in Nassau, says this is an important step in the direction we know is normal. We have been working on this for quite some time. The spring season ends in a very exciting and positive environment, especially for the spring team, which was seasonless in 2020, when the pandemic began.

Pizzarelli said women’s golf and courts will not host the Long Island Championship, but added that men’s tennis championship matches are still possible.

Tennis was still able to put it together, but it wasn’t planned yet, Pizzarelli said. We are aware of recent changes in the situation and can correct them.

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