Kylie Chung throws complete game no-hitter to earn Westlake softball outright league title

Kylie Chung throws complete game no-hitter to earn Westlake softball outright league title

Two years ago, the Westlake High School softball team was nominated for the Marmonte League co-champion. T

The reaction with pitcher Kylie Chung in the second year did not go well.

We nominated the first league champions in school history, but no one acknowledged our achievements because they were co-champions, a commitment from Stanford University, and not perfect. .. …. Chung is currently in 4th grade.

When the Warriors shut out Oaks Christians 10-0 in 6 innings and won the show’s first Marmonte League overall title, Chung chewed and threw a complete no-hitter no-run game with 12 strikeouts. Westlake’s attack was highlighted by Kennedy Bunker’s double and three RBIs with five RBIs.

Victory completes a three-game sweep by Lions. Westlake won each of the previous two games 2-1.

According to Kennedy Bunker, you need to play 2 to 1 against this team, get out here and think differently about the game and understand that you need to balance everyone. Our team has great pitchers, unstoppable defenses, and great games.

After two scoreless innings, the bunker hit a two-run double to give the Warriors a quick lead (16-2 overall, Marmonte League 12-1), and Darin Siegel drove another two runs. did. did. did.

The bunker continued to impress the plate with a two-run single in the next inning. Emily Jones set up a touchdown on foot after Carrie McFarlane stole the second single.

Bunker describes his first hit as follows: “For Kennedy, take the time to slow down.” Before the turn at bat, my team thought this was needed now. I did. Hooray. Then I saw it in the middle outer corner and drove it to the right in the center of the right.

Westlake added two runs each in the 5th and 6th innings, and Oaks Christians (18-3, 12-3) continued to fight. Chung won the 5th and 6th innings 1-2-3.

According to Chung, Oaks is a very good team and a very good batting team. In other words, they ran upstairs as if it wasn’t anyone’s job. The team can never beat me just by what’s happening in my mind, so I know I have to hit the mark and have a good presence.

Warriors League titles have been created over the years. Not long ago, in 2018, the team finished the penultimate 3-7 in the league.

Head coach Bob Creamer struggled to develop a stable talent, but he continued to focus on program development and now has a strong national team and joint venture program.

Westlake has been horrifying for years, he said. It’s hard to bring kids here because I don’t want to go to the losing show. Culture is changing and I’m getting players.

Chung is pleased with the progress of the transition from co-champion to champion, but still sees an unfinished business.

It’s not over yet, he said. We are still heading to the school’s first CIF Championship, and I look forward to seeing what we have.

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