UIL state championships

Lindale High 2021 class graduate with multiple UIL state championships

The Lindale High School Class of 2021 was one of champions as the students led their school to great success with multiple UIL accomplishments.

Students over 300 years of age have completed a state championship in the military march band, went to the state of football, volleyball, basketball, soccer, tennis, soccer and follow-up of successful district championships in The singer and the art program, 11 journalism state championships and more.

On Friday night, students reflect their achievement and stopped a chapter at the Eagle Stadium.

I could follow the great success of the Year of Lindel High School, Superintendent Stan Surratt. Young men and young women are intrinsic to say this group especially. A kind of phenomenal graduate with these great leaders.

Students, family members and staff and faculty praise 2021 classes that despite their hard work, the epidemic Kowid-19.

Salutatorian Ferris Turney took the platform to address his colleagues.

He can be known mostly as calm children. I know my kindergarten teacher thinks that my first name is very good. I cried for most of the day, but I looked at it, it was just one thing and it would not happen again, the Turney said as a crowd.

Turney said to have an idea of ​​what is possible in the future, helping to understand what they are able to look back at high school.

We refer to the champions of the academic state of 4a uil and that means that we do not really work in the configuration of the registry, and how it really does not work for the future, it will continue to establish all the records, said Turney.

Turney said, Lindale High School gave her class her class due to everything else.

All the good things will come in the end, she said.

Tente will fall best in Mechanical Engineering in Texas and M University. After college, he would like to aim at a job that would require a mechanical engineer.

VALEDICTORIAN BRADEN HEIZER began the speech of him beginning his speech beginning his conference, he spent half of the high schools to try to avoid conferences, he said he just wanted Top 10.

You can see, pay for it. I was a teacher, friends and family pushed me to do my best, Haizer said.

He thanked the specific teacher who helped him challenge him, show him his favorite novels and help him find him emotions. He thanked his family to keep a happy house.

I know that we all come in a different way, but I hope we are so good friends as much as possible. Thank you, 2021 classes, we have done it. Here I was here. However, this is to happen right now. Heyzer said, everything will go fast to us fast, but it’s okay, Haizer said.

I just hope to find something to enjoy everyone. On stage, in the field, and even on stands, all of you helped us to keep us close to normal years. I hope everyone learned something from (uil contest), because we now have to apply in the real world.

Hijar is planning to attend the University of Texas at the Chief Engineering at Austin and Chemistry University. He said he wants to use the degree to help improve energy production.

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