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Girls’ soccer: Valley, Waukee lead high-powered CIML offenses to 2021 state championships

Iowa soccer fans should expect to see impressive firepower at the county soccer complex next week.

The 2021 State Women’s Soccer Tournament will begin next Tuesday, with the Class 1A, 2A and 3A quarterfinal games. Each field was completed on Friday night, including the state regional finals.

And there were many impressive exhibits, especially here in central Iowa.

Five CIML teams made it to the 3A national women’s soccer tournament: West Des Moines Valley, Wauki, Dowling Catholic, Ankenny Centenary and Ankenny. All five teams won their regional finals 19-23 combined.

Junior Anna Van Wangarden’s hat-trick helped the top Red Tigers beat Urvban by a 1-wing goal. Three-seeded Wookie Cedar Rapids led Kennedy to a 0-0 lead, led by two goals from newcomer Josie Vande Kroll. The Maroons scored five goals for Iowa City West and the Jaguars put together a fun first season composition, 3 against Cedar Falls.

Ankeni was the only CIML team to reach an exciting regional final. The 2019 state champions Hawkets defeated Eden Gibson and Justin de Teja Pritchard 2-1 to win 1-0. His prize is a first-round match against second-ranked Pleasant Valley.

The regional finals, however, were a continuation of the postseason dominance of those same teams. Valley, Wauki, Dowling, Centenary and Ankeni took a 10-0 lead on the regional stage, defeating the rival 43-4.

It’s easy to focus on these five schools because of the local flavor, but the other three squads in third field also feature interesting styles of playing with them.

Pleasant Valley went 1-2-2 overall and hasn’t conceded a goal since losing 1-0 to Dowling in May. Mastatin qualified for the eighth seed as the muscle of an explosive Lin-Mar team in the regional finals. – Beez Council Bluffs Lincoln has scored four more goals in three of his last four games.

Any one of these three could collapse to look like a Central Iowa party at next week’s senior women’s soccer state tournament. There is no need to look beyond last week’s men’s tournament to discover that soccer talent is everywhere. After playing in five semifinals, only one Iowa core team, Bondurant-Farrer (2A), has clinched a spot in a title game.

But it is CIML women’s football, that is, the goal is to try to stop the freight train. Many of them. Defense, of course, but this postseason suggested these teams would bring warmth to the county next week.

Rotating leads the Go-Hawks in Class 2A
Upon meeting Kenji Rolling.

Waverly-Shell Rock Senior is the most advanced scorer in the state this season. In 17 games this season, he has scored 68 goals among the best.


That’s an average of four goals in a game, and 52.7 percent of the Go-Hawks’ total goals this season (129, which is only the third highest this season; Spencer and Trainer have scored 146 and 141, respectively. ).

Additionally, Rowling is a skilled scorer. She has seven goals in 139 shots on target, which means that she converts almost half of her shots into her goals. She is heading to Iowa, the 2021 Big Ten tournament champion next year.

Rowling will lead the seeded Go-Hawks on the field in 2 next week. They are 15-2 this year, their only 3A pick at Mountain Valley and Ankenny Century has suffered losses. His first-round matchup against eighth seed Xavier will be a rematch of his closest game of the regular season, when the Go-Hawks won 2-1 last month.

Rowling debe haber marcado ese día, pero solo una vez. Ayudó a otros. Es el número 11 y quieres estar atento.

Supongo que el undécimo estado está buscando el título
Suponga que nuevamente 1A aumenta la velocidad del campo. Los Caballeros entran como cabeza de serie con un récord general de 14-5. Han ganado 10 campeonatos estatales de fútbol, ​​un récord estatal y todo desde 2002. La estimación aproximada es que han ganado ocho de las últimas nueve competiciones estatales, dos de cuatro campos separados (2011-1-14 y 2011-19-1- 19).

Ganar esta semana no es algo seguro. El obispo Hillary comenzó con siete victorias de ocho para calificar como cabeza de serie 8 con 2-6 tacleadas. Nevada y Wahlart, 4 y 5 cabezas de serie, respectivamente, combinaron a sus oponentes regionales para perder 4 46-1. Después de haber marcado 141 goles esta temporada, el entrenador de alta fuerza de dos cabezas de serie podría esperar la final de esta semana.

Pero la especulación es que el primer juego comenzará contra Hilan el martes por la mañana. Un buen comienzo podría marcar la pauta para el resto de la semana.

Cody Goodwin Des Mines ha incluido lucha libre y deportes de secundaria para el registrador. Síguelo en Twitter @codeGoodWine.

Campeonato estatal de fútbol femenino 2021
Todos los juegos de cuartos de final están programados para el martes 8 de junio.

Pareja de cuartos de final en Clase 3

# 1 W.D.M. Valley (18-1) contra # 8 Muscatine (15-3), 3 p.m., Campo 9
# 4 Dowling Catholic (15-3) vs. # 5 Centenario de Ankeni (17-2), 3:15 p.m., Campo 8
# 2 Pleasant Valley (17-2) contra # 7 Anky (12-4), 3:30 p.m., Campo 6
# 3 Wowkey (14-3) contra # 6 Council Bluffs Lincoln (16-3), 3:45 p.m., Campo 7

Pareja de cuartos de final en Clase 2

# 1 Waverly-Shell Rock (16-2) contra # 8 Centígrados Xavier (13-5), 12:30 p.m., Campo 9
# 4 Polo Norte (17-2) vs # 5 Spencer (15-4), 12:45 pm, Campo 8
# 2 Lewis Central (17-2) vs. # 7 Dallas Center-Grimes (13-5), 1 p.m., Campo 6
# 3 Norwalk (15-2) contra # 6 North Scott (13-5), 1:15 p.m., Campo 7

Pareja de cuartos de final en Clase 1

Estimaciones # 1 (14-5) vs. # 8 Obispo Hillan (10-7), 10 a.m., Campo 9
# 4 Nevada (13-5) vs. # 5 Dubuque Wahlart (11-6), 10:15 AM, Campo 8
Entrenador # 2 (17-1) vs. # 7 Gilbert (12-7), 10:30 a.m., Campo 6
# 3 Columbus Catholic (16-2) vs. # 6 D.M. Christian (16-2), 10:44 a.m., Campo 7

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