July 25, 2021

Ciccolini wraps up MC career with silver

Ciccolini wraps up MC career with silver

Ciccolini wraps up MC career with silver

Entering his Mifflin County High School career, Taylor Sicolini was essentially a polar clown who threw javelins in his spare time before becoming a javelin expert after his freshman season.

Javelin led Sikkolini to the forefront, his success came quickly and his improvement continued unabated. Sicolini entered the season as one of the nation’s best javelin throwers, and while Siskolini’s last witness as a member of the Huskies didn’t expect the series of throws to hit him, his best throw was 133 feet, 4 inches, his silver medal at the event. .

Cicolini’s silver is his best result in the state tournament after finishing third in 2019 with a 1390-06 pitch. With the season canceled by the epidemic, Sikkolini would not be able to compete in 2020 and what would undoubtedly snatch her as the third state medalist in the event. Cicolini plans to compete among citizens later this year.

“It’s not the series I’m looking for or what I know I can do, but in general, my process. I didn’t know it differently, I think today I’m just not going to hit one,” Sicolini said. I don’t know if I took what I think could give me a good day. My coach and I always say win the day for yourself and I think I made the most of what I was going to throw today. There’s always something I can change technically, but I have one more thing in common (this year), so I’m going to focus on that.

Cicolini said that he was not feeling very well on Saturday and that the weather conditions had worked. Crosswinds, winter temperatures, and morning showers are a special challenge.

Taylor Sicolini of Mifflin County prepares to throw jafflin during the PIAAA Class 3 Championship.

Sikkolini kept the momentum going all afternoon, but Hazleton’s Abbey Henst went 135-0 on her last shot to the Mifflin County senior.

It did not feel good to throw it in partial conditions, a little windy, cold and it was raining in the morning, the general feeling, I can say that I am not going to throw more today. With my training, I know big shots are coming. They don’t always come to the big meeting, which is frustrating, but I know I’ll start hitting them.

Heading into 2021, Cicolini was excited to have the opportunity to compete just one more time after missing the 2020 season. Sikkolini participated in a virtual audition last summer and released a great personal best of 149-11, surpassing the country for putting one foot in the school year.

For a pitcher who reached out and dominated the big stage as a stage, his success came quickly, as he began to have an impact on the competition. Cicolini decided to continue his extensive career at the University of Missouri before his senior year, and is excited to be excused again with his sister Skyler.

Sicklin won his first District 6 Championship at Altona a week ago and it was an accomplishment to improve on stage that made Taylor happy.

Sentinel photo of Mike Goss
Mifflin County’s Taylor Cicolini throws the javelin during the 2021 PIAA Class 3A Athletics Championships at Shippenburg University Seth Grove Stadium on Saturday. Sikkolini finished second in the event with a 133-04 pitch.

“I can’t be too upset, I haven’t had a very good day and I can still be second,” Sikkolini said. Also, it is a better place than (2019), so not bad. I’m going to get wet the rest of the day with the family. I am really interested in starting college and getting into that new program. I’m not too upset with the ending, I’m excited for what’s to come.

I probably won’t change too much and go back to training like before. “He added. I’m definitely interested in starting training in Missouri with my sister.

Overall, Cicolini is satisfied with what the Hawks have accomplished in uniform.

Sikkolini said I started high school thinking that it would mostly be a pole voltaire and throw crabs aside. I am happy with the way he has progressed. I certainly haven’t seen any of these coming, but I’m happy with that.

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