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Once a Falcon, always a Falcon: Firelands seniors, wings were strengthened by pandemic

Falcons are considered a symbol of power. And like her mascot, members of the Firelands High School class of 2021 will always find their way home no matter where they fly, Samantha Novak told her classmates Sunday morning.

Seniors have shown what it means to be a hawk by creating the best environment in unfortunate situations last year, Novak said, addressing her classmates.

We have seen the naturalness of the world around us break. She said this was mostly difficult last year.

She added that the Firelands community has come together to support this class during its most difficult times, she said.

Veteran Casey Kelio acquired the right to speak during the opening ceremony.

The epidemic has taught me to put it in front of others, he said.

This lesson is consistent with his Christian faith and he thanks his father for teaching by Kelly’s example. Leaving home for a new chapter in life, challenge all Falcons to be selfless.

Class President Seth Robinette said the Firelands teaching staff epitomized that lesson. He thanked the faculty for helping Firelands students through an unprecedented year.

Looking at the crowd gathered at Falcons Stadium, he welcomed all the teammates who had chosen to learn from afar due to the epidemic.

Principal Katherine Kinner said the class hadn’t been completed in about 15 months.

In all, 148 Firelands seniors received practical diplomas at the school’s 67th annual opening ceremony on Sunday.

This category has won more than 75 1.75 million in scholarships. Combined with initial credit through Lorraine County Community College, seniors earned about $ 1.9 million for a four-year degree.

Kinar said the Cavid-19 litmus test taught him that this year’s graduates have the drive and courage to handle something. And he warned that even after the end of the epidemic, life seemed to be in danger.

These challenges are the way to learn more and become stronger in life, she told her students.

District Superintendent Mike von Gunten echoed that sentiment, saying that sometimes life’s challenges will force graduates to consider a different path than the one they embarked on.

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