July 25, 2021

After 44 years, Sterner leaves Clear Spring, Hancock better than when he started

Sterner leaves Clear Spring

Sterner leaves Clear Spring

Bill Sterner Tuesday was a memorable day.

Today, for the first time, I did not wear a dress that had some kind of logo on it, he said.

Throughout the years, Sterner’s attire has always included the nickname of a team or the ingenuity of some state officials.

But this Tuesday, everything started to change … and it surprised some people at Clear Spring High School.

This indicates that Starner was returning the keys to his golf cart and retiring as an athletic director, ending his 44-year career as a teacher and administrator.

In a sense, he had one toe stuck in the pool to feel the temperature of the water. He is far from a job that he enjoys for civilian life.

Many years later, my ID is associated with the gym and the field, Sterner said. Some people say that linking his identification to his work is a bad thing, but I don’t think so. It means and you did something.

Starting days are counting towards the end of the 2020-21 school year. His last official day as AD is June 8, but he is choosing to extend it a bit.

I want to be here (in the state) during the playoffs, he said. I want to be here for our team. I think I’ll be here until July 1. Also, I haven’t started packing up my office yet.

The Spring Sports playoffs will be played starting June 7, a few weeks later than usual, due to COVID-19 restrictions.

It’s giving you more time to enjoy the last postseason race … and more time to get out of his office.

Small town

Stern was born and raised in Pittsburgh and graduated from Lock Haven University.

After that, he worked on I-70 that stretched for about 20 miles.

He began his teaching and coaching career at Southern Fulton, Warfordsburg in 1977. Pa Sterner began training Hancock in 1973 before being hired to teach at the school.

Long after that appointment, Sterner began part of his career as an athletic director.

He taught Hancock my freshman year and (principal) Larry Cleaver asked me if he wanted to take a job as an athletic director, he said. I’m sure.

It was the job of creating schedules for the team and securing the buses. Now, that is much more.

Sterner said that he has been taught to work with a mentor, among others, including Doug Kochran and Yogi Martin. Kochran and Martin were two of the leading instructors / administrators of the time.

Starner walked away from coaching and Eddie Post in 1990-98 to raise his three children. He returned to Hancock to continue as a coach and Eddie returned to his job in 1999.

Eddie’s job was promoted to a full-time position during Ed Masood’s tenure as Washington County Athletic Director. Masood turned the position into an 11-month job, and as the administrative work progressed, Ed stopped being a coach.

Dr. Masood improved the position and made it even more important, Sterner said.

Eventually, Hancock lost the need for a full-time athletic director. In July 2018, Starner moved to his current position in Clear Spring, replacing retired Lisa Schiev.

Starner was a football and softball coach from the beginning while working as Hancock’s ad. There he learned the importance of the administrative part of the job, but was able to fully realize it after coming to Clear Spring.

Sport is extremely important to people, Sterner said. Parents don’t seem to cross the street when their child doesn’t know algebra. But if you sit on them during a game or change positions, he’s fine in Eddie’s office.

This is very important to them. Clear Spring is a great help for parents. The booster club has great support. It’s a good feeling. I also have a great coaching staff here. The kids are getting the best training.

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