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A Grip on Sports: Another of college basketball treasures will be gone by this time next year

A GRIP ON SPORTS • What was it the clergyman said in “The Princess Bride? Mawage. Mawage is wot bwings us together today. Mawage, that blessed awangement, that dweam wifin a dweam. And wuv, tru wuv, will fowow you foweva. So tweasure your wuv. It’s all we could think of Wednesday when we heard the Mike Krzyzewski news.

The Duke of Krkieszewski’s time has a weekly holiday; sorry, it spreads like a wedding in my head. A perfect marriage. And like many marriages, the smooth ship had to survive a few difficult years before it began. Lately, however, rocky shoals have appeared: Kriejeski has spoken out against many changes in college athletics, completely tailoring his program to make the most of it, and the 744-year-old coach is ready to step down.

(On the one hand, do you want to know another reason why John Wooden is the most important role model among coaches? When Wooden decided he could never do it, he announced it one night after just one NCAA semi-final game. He had 4 years and the world said he was heading to LA Sunset after the championship game, no world tour, no rocking chair, nothing.

The winning round will include a Nov. 2 game against Gonzaga in Las Vegas. Now that would be an entry ticket, right? There are a handful of college coaches, especially considering Guevara’s Mark Few, to take on Kriezszuki’s mindset as the sport’s vocal leader.

This is Krzyzewski. Amateur basketball leader. Heck, considering that he has won three Olympic gold medals with NBA players, no wonder he will be considered the leader of all basketball coaching divisions. Like all leaders, he is not incompetent. He recently completed a few wall things, for example the way he treated a student reporter last season, and some of the things he found controversial, one of which is about playing in an epidemic, but it’s just that the Reactionism is often a sign of aging. There is a right to be a little receptive. And his voice has been heard.

That he will start to fade after the next college basketball season. After the compliment and celebration. After the crowd leaves, Krzyzewski will no longer be Duke’s coach, just Mike Krzyzewski. He is still a leader, of course, but without a platform, one can be heard consistently. More than training, Krajzevsky is what he misses the most.

College baseball was a part of my life before I knew the difference between slider and cutter. Long time ago. Heck, one of my sisters gave me a UCLA catcher date when I was in elementary school and the other got married a decade later, so yeah, college baseball is important to me.

Nothing more than this time of year.

One of the reasons I went to UC Irvine, the little, little reason to be honest, was the cheerleaders’ success in the postseason. After splitting two games with the USC division champions in March, they were returning to the division’s second national title after Giri Adams’ 1974 team 48-8 was probably the best team in the country at all levels.

Even then, the college baseball playoffs seemed like an achievable goal. Unfortunately, we have never been regional in four years in Irvine. Perhaps because the talent of the bench was a bit lacking.

But that didn’t stop my love for the college baseball postseason. I covered Cal State Fullerton for the Orange County Registry in Omaha in 1982. (I even practiced hitting for the Titans to see an inside story). Fullerton set a College World Series record that season: The Titans lost both games and were knocked out in both games, losing 0-0. (Surprising if BP is smart and talks to the players)

When UC Irwin did its first division world series in 200, I boarded a plane and headed to Omaha. My college roommate and I lost 2-2 to the Anteaters after losing to champions Oregon State in the semifinals.

Which brings us to this weekend. Gonzaga is flying the Northwest Regional flag in the second-seeded region of Eugene’s four-team tournament. Pitchers have every chance to move with the Super Regional as long as their pitchers hold up (John Blanket scouted in the column this morning). It will be a complete success. Or just another step on the road to success under the guidance of coach Mark McTulff.

Whatever happens this weekend, Gonzaga players will enjoy the best college baseball offering. The postseason drama is different, or at least they told me. Each tone has more meaning. Every swing is there too. When it’s done, whatever the outcome, they’ll go through the proverbial sound. And on the other hand, with emergent memories, these are buried in the depths that they will never forget. And write it down, right?

WSU: The betting line is set to six for the Cougars’ total plus or minus winnings for the fall. Considering the uncertainty with the list and the difficult PAC-12 schedule, it seems high to me. John Wilner feels the same. … Elsewhere Pack-12 and College Sports, the college football Hall of Fame nominees were announced yesterday. There are quite a few on the conference list. … Oregon’s linebacker corps includes two exceptional players. Utah has received a transfer from USC. থাকবে Arizona will have a full posture this fall. … Oregon has taken another step in basketball news. িজ Arizona Adia Burns will earn more than এক 1 million next season.

Gonzaga: As we mentioned earlier, there is a column on the regional hopes of the John Baseball team. … Jags won several West Coast Conference honors, including most of the year for Kalsi (Alec Jacob, North Central High Grad), Coach of the Year (McTolf) and Defensive Player of the Year (Brett Harris).

EWU: Cooper Coop suffered a mysterious injury last season. He explained it recently.

Preweights: Davy Nichols spent some time today explaining how difficult it is to compile high school reports on this COVID-19 bar. … He also has the activity on Wednesday.

Indians: Spokane exploded early and won 9-1 against Tri-City. Dave tells the story of the game from the Avista Stadium.

CHIEFS: The pin-pong balls are owned by the head of top picks in the Bantam draft on Dec. 9 after they moved on yesterday. All information in this story is from Kevin Doodley.

Mariners: Shawn Mania was almost untouchable and the A’s series brought the rubber game to -0-0. াস্ট Justin’s right injury is the last call. He was on the disabled list. You can go for the month of June.

Seahawks: The trade could be a good thing for Julio Jones.

Kraken: Seattle will rank second in its first NHL draft.

Mermaids: The bowl at the bottom of the light field will now be available without any hindrance for vaccination.

Golf: Want an experience on a Premier course without having to travel to a Premier course? Spokane has a new place where you can make it happen. Ryan Collingwood has all the details for this story.

When Kriezevsky’s pending retirement was real, I thought the reason for the marriage was the biggest. Seven months after Kim and I got married, Duke hired her. And it seems that, at least to me, Kim and I have been married forever. It’s hard to imagine a single life or remember my life before it happens. I suppose Krzyzewski felt the same about his relationship with the duke. See you later …

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