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St. Xavier junior Adam Wade receives prestigious USA Water Polo camp invitation

Ohio – St. Xavier’s High School rising junior Adam Wade received an honorable invitation to the U.S. National Water Polo Team Selection Camp in Orange County, California from 26-30 June, said St. X’s coach Paul Split.

Wade will be among about 50 male athletes from across the country vying for a place on the national cadet team as

According to Split, there will be three exercises of approximately two to three hours in each session on NTSC. There will be coaches from all over the country who will evaluate and train people.

The Olympic Development Program (ODP) selects different national teams for development, cadets and youth for each age.

There is also a junior national team (U-20) and a senior national team (Olympic team).

Wade, who lives in Mason, will represent the Great Lakes region (Ohio, Michigan and western Pennsylvania), St. Xavier High School and the Maz Water Polo Club.

Wade said he found out about the invitation Thursday and was excited to hear about the opportunity.

“A lot of my teammates have helped me throughout the season,” Wade said. It means a lot to me.

The national team coaches will select an ‘A’ team and a ‘B’ team, Split said.

Split said team “A” will represent the country for this cycle and will repeat the process when competing internationally next year.

The “B” team will also host a number of international events, such as a training trip to Budapest, Hungary in August.

Split says Adam is really one step away from representing the United States in international competition. Absolutely incredible. And an Olympic year, what a great opportunity. He will train with several children who will eventually end up as Olympic athletes in the future.

The first person from Weld St. X and Moose Water Polo Club to be invited to this prestigious camp is Split, who has been a water polo coach in Cincinnati since 2000.

In March and April, 16-year-old Wade attended several regional camps and was invited to the Chicago Regional Test Camp. There he was selected among the 50 best cadets in the country.

You won’t get an Adam every year, Split said.

He is a special boy and I am really proud of what he has accomplished so far and I am really interested in what he will be able to do in life, not just in water polo. He is a special boy. Wherever he goes, he will do amazing things.

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