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See how Glenville and Lorain concluded spring football to begin their restart

Without football last year, Glenville and Lorraine took the last two months off to spend some wasted time with spring practice.

They met Monday to prepare for summer training before practically starting practice in August in Ohio next Monday.

The Ohio High School Athletic Association has allowed schools that dropped out last fall due to the opportunity to host spring soccer due to the coronavirus epidemic. The entire Cleveland Metropolitan School District, which includes nine Senate League football teams, is between the Lohain and Cleveland Central Catholic Ohio schools that did not attend last fall and held spring practices in April and May.

During June and July, all schools can hold limited trainings this year instead of the limited maximum of 10 days. Soccer practice and fall game.

The videos above and below show how Glenville and Lauren embraced their spring soccer, peaking Monday. The regular playoffs under coach Ted Jean Sr., who is entering his fourth season led by Glenville, scored five times against Lorraine, meeting with first-year coach Damien Creel.

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