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Leadership transition highlights WIAA annual meeting

At the WIAA’s annual meeting in Stevens Point on Wednesday, CEO Dave Anderson took the stage at the transformation center, led by retired incoming CEO Stephanie Hauser.

Anderson, who has been on the WIA staff for 22 years and has led the Wisconsin High School sports organization since August 2009, reflected the comments he made during his tenure as CEO.

Aside from the evaluative benefits of reflections, I’m not just a backward person, Anderson said. As we move forward, we move toward the next challenge, the next opportunity, the next success.

Hauser, currently deputy director of the WIA, will begin her new role in July, working on the transition with Anderson, whose retirement will take effect July 31. Hossar will become the first executive director of the WIA in its 125 years.

I am honored to have served to make a positive difference in the lives of many students, ”said Hosser, who thanked Anderson for his leadership as CEO for the past 12 years. WIAA is an incredible organization that has been serving our members for 125 years. My goal is that no one has the slightest doubt that service has always been and will always be the primary goal of the WIA.

Our staff will strive to provide the highest quality service to our member schools, their educational leaders and their athletic leaders, student-athletes, their parents, their community, our partners in the media

Hauser said she plans to strive to be a positive leader.

I have a vision for the WIA and I believe that we will move forward And I really believe that the best is yet to come.

She recognized that there would be future challenges for the WIA.

There will definitely be challenges ahead, Hosar said. Perhaps we have faced the greatest challenge in the history of the WIA. But keep in mind that each of these threats brings new opportunities for our membership.

Anderson became sensitive during and after speaking with him, the WIAA, and the countless people who helped him develop friendship.

For me now personally I have mostly feelings of gratitude and for the opportunities that have been afforded me in recent years Anderson spoke for about 17 minutes. I begin by remembering the people who laid their hands on me.

Anderson said the opportunity for youth to expand over the past twelve years has been a source of pride.

He recognized the achievements of various organizations, from the implementation of the conference to the transmission rights of the Concession Insurance. And how the WIAA dealt with the Kovid-19 epidemic, which has affected state high school sports since March 2020.

We expected. Of course, there is still work to be done, she said. There is always a challenge in front of this membership. As an organization, although we are slippery, the next 12 months in particular are still important. We need to look at the board: Steve and his team should go back and explain and educate where we are now.

Most of the last 12, 14, 16 months have been feeling, developing and evolving. As we talk about something here today, we are trying to project how this discussion would fit into reality and land in two months to a month from now.

“In this era of Kavid, we know that what we planned yesterday will be ineffective for tomorrow, in many cases. Therefore, there will be intensive revenue monitoring to keep the organization strong and moving forward.

He said the challenges posed by the Kavid-19 epidemic would continue.

As we move forward, in the middle of summer and obviously, especially as everyone goes back to their school and determines how they are going to open their doors, there is no doubt that these challenges will continue into the spring of the next school year. Anderson said.

The meeting was attended by 322 in-person members and 169 actual members of the school. On behalf of the WIAA Oversight Board and executive staff, he congratulated members of the membership, including the Athletic Director.

Anderson said I am grateful for the work they do year after year and for providing opportunities for their students. And it is very important to be unpredictable and unpredictable, especially the leadership that you have shown through the darkness and uncertainty of the past year.

You don’t have a street map when your lights go on. There were no calendar files. You were surprised, you were disappointed, you weren’t sure, and yet you found a way to give birth to these children. And this is a credit to you. When its light shines most defiantly and brightest in the dark, this membership stands up, extends it, and cuts it short.

Eric Russell, then chairman of the WIAA Oversight Board, thanked Anderson for his service.

Thank you for your 22 years of service to the children of WIAA and Wisconsin, Russell said. His leadership has left a positive mark on the state of Wisconsin, especially on children and especially this year.

You always said it was for the kids and about them. This year you tried it. You and your staff have worked very hard to provide each and every opportunity for children.

Russell said eight people were interviewed to finish Anderson’s work. Of the four finalists, Hauser was named the next CEO in April: Hauser, WIA Deputy Chairman Wade Labkey, Stratford Superintendent Scott Winch, and Waterford Superintendent and Business Manager Luke Francois.

Hauser said he is respectful of the past and excited about the future. He said that he wanted the WIAA and its member schools to continue working together to move forward.

He says that he has learned a lot from the Cowvide-19 epidemic.

When he lectured for about 10 minutes, he said, we will all move forward with long-term challenges. But at least this last year has given us a chance to shout from the top of the hill and we are glad to be back.

We believe that we will be stronger because of what we have learned about ourselves in the last year. The importance of student participation and what it means to be connected to your school.

Student participation and the interrelationships between athletics and activities and their mental and emotional well-being. Our ability as a leader to solve problems and we work in different ways as before. In addition to our interest in listening, learning, and growing by using what we have learned, we will be able to become stronger members if we take these challenges together.

Hosar has served as deputy director of WIA since he joined the executive staff in July 2015.

No annual meeting was held in 2020 due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

The financial situation is solvent

Bernie Nicole, treasurer of the WIAA Oversight Board, said the WIAA’s financial situation is solvent.

According to the annual meeting program budget note, for 2022-22: at the end of April, it was estimated that the WIA could have sufficient reserves to continue its activities at an early stage. Attendance for the fall tournament and advance ticket sales for the most popular winter tournament are expected to arrive just in time.

From the experience of the last 12 months, we know that there is no guarantee of what the landscape will look like five to six months from now.

“So (the control board) has made strategic decisions to prevent and reduce costs. They have thoroughly revised the financial projection models. And they will not face anyone else, but they will have a better solution ”.

Six months have passed since Quid Time, but the Board is ready, informed, and aware of the goal of moving WIAC forward.

For 2020-21, budget notes say: Since it is not possible to plan for tournament winnings in 2020-21 and the outlook for WIAA activities is largely balanced by fund balance, the governing school board does not allow for improvement this year.

Despite being able to present the modified tournament in most games, the reception of these events was part of the normal time due to attendance restrictions. However, since most of the events were held at member schools or other small venues, the costs associated with the fall and winter tournaments were also much lower than usual.

WIAA applied for and received two rounds from the Federal Payroll Protection Fund (PPP). The Board has implemented various cost control measures in the hope of maintaining administration and services until the WIA funding sources normalize.

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