Badger baseball ends at state tournament

Badger baseball ends at state tournament

The high school sports COVID-19 turmoil has made a strong comeback in the Badger baseball season, a year after the end of the spring 2020 season. But even after missing the season, badgers return to the track and play a highly competitive season.

Badgers won the Intermountain League title and district championship on their final trip to the 2018 state tournament.

The team was very young and consisted of 1 freshman, 9 sophomores, 2 juniors and 1 senior. Anyway, baseball teams show what they can do, show promises and strengths to consider, and have the potential to create a legacy of victory over the years to come.

The team started with a record of 3-6 before the league match began. Then at IML, the badger set a 10-2 record, ending 12-2 and heading to the state tournament.

In the state tournament, badgers played the Snake River, and at the bottom of one inning, rookie Traybateman hit a three-run home run over the right-wing fence, leading 3-0.

The Snake River regained the lead and climbed 14-5 later in the game, with the Badgers working hard to close the gap with 4 runs in 6th and 4 runs in 7th. .. Participate in the race to tie the game.

In the final episode of the game, the badger could have been two outs, the second big tie and the first out.

Traybateman was a hit again, but the game ended with a strikeout. Badgers then played South Freemont in a comforting group, but failed to win and ended the season.

Badgers’ overall record ends at 15-10 and are promised to compete in state competitions next year.

Due to the success of the baseball team, three badgers from all IML leagues were selected for the team, and the young Bo Batemen voted for the league’s MVP.

According to head coach Tom Turpin, Bobateman was nominated by the IML coach as an Inter-Mountain League MVP and two of his teammates were also recognized as all-league teams.

Bateman hit .500 in the league, scoring 24 RBIs, including 3, 23 and 21 RBIs in just 12 games and 3 RBIs.

According to Tarpin, the 55-at-bat and 4-at-bat Bo played as a midfielder and was the best catcher in the league.

Blake Rice, a sophomore, recorded .479 in the league, leading the team in nine doubles and second in 18 runs. Rice played on both second and third bases and pitched to badgers.

Second-year pitcher Tegan Banning, led by a no-hitter no-run early in the league, finished 46 strikeouts in leagues 6-0 and 28 innings, leading the team with 3.50 ERA and .357 (3rd place team). ). He has 15 hits, 4 doubles, 12 RBIs and 17 runs.

Throughout the season, badgers have shown improvements from effective stolen bases to great pitching. In addition, badgers were effective in staying in the game through bench chanting and motivational comments to support bat rotation.

Turpin worked to improve their performance and brought together a team of men who remained humble despite their success.

After winning the district, modest Banning was excited about his team’s victory and wanted to know that his team was a key factor in his successful pitch with Timberlake.

I threw something pretty decent, and my defense backed me up through the game, so I didn’t really have to do much, Banning said thanks to the defense.

Overall, the team has been racing again for several years, working on new students who have the opportunity to return to the state to bring their hardware to the Bonners Ferry.

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