Kearney boys track win sectional team title

Kearney boys track win sectional team title

Kearney-Kearney’s boys won Section 4 of Missouri Athletics Class 4 at Odessa High School in Odessa on Saturday, May 22nd.

The Bulldog was ranked number one in the section with 94 points and defeated Harrisonville in second with 83 points.

Second grader Luke Norland was undefeated in the long jump and took first place by setting his PR with a 6.99 meter jump.

Norland also arranged for freshman Will Doriner, freshman Block Collar, sophomore Joseph Marshall, and a 4x200m relay, which ended in 1: 30.76 hours.

Marshall also first finished at 3:28:15 in the 4x400m relay with his sophomore teammates Kyler Chapel, Kylehofer Sr. and Jake Gregory Jr.

The Bulldog boys dominated all three relay races as Hofer, Chapel, Marshall and Senior Carterwoods finished the 4x800m relay at 8:28:58 and took first place.

The chapel earned 800 meters at 2:02:56. Woods was second with a time of 2: 03.96.

Junior John Timchuck and Junior KJ Smith joined Norland as section champions of the field event. Timchak was ranked first with a pole vault of over 3.66 meters. Smith won the puck with a throw of 46.61 meters.

Junior Logan Allerano was ranked second with a 400-meter dash in his time of 51.25. Hofer finished third with a time of 51.97. Norland finished second in the 110 meters hurdles with a time of 15.07.

Second grade Zachery Grace was ranked third in the group with a throw of 44.02 meters.

Kearney Girls

The bulldog girl was second with 83 points, 98 points behind division winner St. Teresa’s Academy. Kearney outperformed his competitors to testify at nine events.

Second grade Ava Lawless won the triple jump, giving the team the only divisional championship. Laures posted a 10.93 meter mark to stay undefeated at the event during his first athletics season in high school.

Laures, along with sophomore Jaddin Burns, senior Lily Philger and junior Shelby Singleton, won the gold medal again in the 4x200m relay. The team took first place with a time of 1: 45.71. Laures was also ranked second in the 100-meter hurdles with a time of 15.66.

Burns won the state nomination with two more relay teams. Freshmen Riera Murphy, Morgan Murphy’s seniors, and Gillian Bourne joined the 4×800 team to take second place with a time of 9:53:08. Burns and Murphy finished third with a bachelor’s degree and a sophomore Abigail Stamper at 4:08:04.

Burns also finished second with a 200m dash at 26:30.

Senior Braylin Rivera became second in the group by setting her PR with a throw of 34.75 meters. He also finished third with a 10.45-meter shot put.

Wood completed the state playoffs when Kearney’s girl finished second with a 300-meter hurdle at 47.52.

Smithville Children

The Smithville Boys are ranked 3rd in Pratt County with 42 points out of 4th. The Warriors outperformed their competitors in nine events to advance into the state.

Junior Let Foster led the charge by winning section titles at both hurdle events. Foster took first place in the 100-meter hurdles with a time of 15.05 and won the PR. He finished 300 hurdles in 40.55 hours.

Foster won all 300 except for the first event of the season, but he finished second only to Carneys Norland in each of the 100-meter hurdles after the season.

Foster was also ranked second in the 4x200m relay, alongside Senior Thai Chapman, Rookie Jet Coleman and Junior Noah Lee Car. The team finished with a time of 1: 30.97.

Second grade Jace Farrell won the shot put with a 15.46 meter shot put and joined Foster as another individual champion. He also took second place in the discus throw at a pitch of 45.21 meters.

Senior Dante Cox has maintained over 1.97 meters in the last seven events, surpassing 1.97 meters and finishing second in the high jump.

Junior Lucastroter finished fourth in discus and shot put, completing state qualifying at a pitching event. He put the RP on the puck with a throw of 42.82 meters and hit a mark of 14.82 meters with a shot put.

The 4×800-meter relay team, consisting of rookie Marcus Eastridge, junior Isaac Edson, junior Reagan Dunn and senior Quintin Wilson, finished third with a time of 8:35:90. did. did. did.

Smithville Girls

The Warriors girl is fourth, 57 points behind Pratt County’s third. The team declared players at nine events.

Senior Lily Cutler won the division title in the 800m and 1600m races. He set the time for the race at 2: 21.94 and 5: 16.02, respectively.

Junior Cali Brown was ranked number one in the puck with a throw of 35.46 meters. Senior Alexa Ball first completed the javelin throw with a 36.04 meter throw and established a PR. Junior Gillian GHIOTTO came in second with a 33.17 meter throw.

Senior Riley Kochanowich, Senior Emmashvalier, Junior Avery Vanworth and Senior Olivia Littleton finished third in the 4x800m relay at 9:54:14.

Kochanowicz and Littleton were fourth behind Cutler in their respective winning races. Kochanowicz finished 800 with a time of 2: 26.31 and Littleton finished 1600 with a time of 5: 29.89.

Littleton also finished third in the 3,200-meter race at 11:54:27. Littleton improved his time in the district significantly, ending at 12: 33.50, but far from less than 11:30, when he won the state championship in his sophomore season.

The top four athletes in this section will compete in Missouri Class 4 Athletics at the Adkins Stadium in Jefferson City on Friday, May 28th.

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