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Indiana high school claims relay team was disqualified because of flat-out lie, wants reinstatement

According to a Pike coach, the Pike High School relay team was disqualified from the postseason, although the track referee later canceled the call, according to a Pike coach.

Pike-Age track coach Courtney Bishop said: “No one expects me to tell them what I said to my kids. Nobody says it is not happening. No one. This may be the first in IHSA history.

At the Southport division on Thursday, Pike took first place in the 1,600m relay. Then, according to Bishop, Speedway coach Nick Beard said the rival pike athlete (who wasn’t running) took to the track and interfered with the Speedway running back.

Never, Bishop said.

The technician posted the video of this competition on Facebook. There is no evidence of such an incident.

Referee Bill Pardu was disqualified by Pike and the first track improved. Both relay teams finished in the top three, making the Indiana High School Athletic Association regional.

The bishop said that the referee later wrote to the IHSA, the disqualification should be revoked.

When he was contacted, Perdue said he could not comment. The bishop said that he had met with IHSA Commissioner Paul Needig. Needig did not respond to a request for comment.

Bishop, a former Indiana University miller who has been a coach for 30 years, called this incompetence the deadliest thing he has seen on the track and in the field.

Speedway Athletic Director Brian Avery said Speedway has never filed a formal complaint.

The officer made the decision based on what he saw, Avery said. As I told the Pike administration and the IHSA, we will support any decision.

The bishop said he rejected the idea that the DQ was a verdict similar to blocking / charging on basketball or baseball hits. No call was made to the venue, but after the ceremony ended, the bishop said, and the outright was based on lies.

The relay runners are Ryland Bus, Cam Jackson, Malachi Clark, and Troy Golden. The pike was configured to change the alignment of the region and was intended to complete a high state.

Bishop said she was told the incident would unfairly teach the life of her runners. He said what they have learned is that even when they work hard to achieve something, someone is taking it away from them.

2021 Heartbreak is the last in a series for the Red Devils. What would have been the program’s first state championship was established in 2019 by its North Central, 42-41. The boys, who scored 35 of Pike’s 41 points, were due to return in 2020 but were unable to win their first state title because the epidemic canceled the season.

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