July 24, 2021

Its way past Cypress to grab spot in Division 1 semifinals

Division 1 semifinals

The celebration can be heard through the concrete walls in the locker room of the Harvard-Westlake baseball team.

Addictive, an electronic song that hits with musicians, it exploded. Dom, a Uttarakhand Little League player, danced in the center of his crowd in an unofficial publicity stunt.

Of course it’s a party, said veteran pitcher Christian Berser. I think today’s team had a win. We got off early, the crime picked me up. Yes, the great team won. We are celebrating.

Cyprus (19-11) jumped on the board very early, but Harvard-Westlake (226-4) rallied on Friday, 11-4 for the CIF Southern Division 1 quarter-final victory.

Harvard-Westlake will advance to the semifinals on Tuesday, June 15th. It will be at home against Trinity League runner-up Orange Lutheran (29-4).

In the second at-bat of the game, Centurion’s Neil Johnson hit a two-run homer to score his own and Christian Thomson, who was able to get to the base. Aubrey Coverubius had an RBI singles lead 3-0 at the bottom of the first half.

It was a dogfight, Harvard-Westlake coach Jared Halpert said. Our message will always be the same. Let’s analyze the tone of voice.

The Wolverines scored two dirty runs in the second inning, inducing a pitching trade for Cyprus. The Centurions released Matthew Morrell and brought in Jack Ocampos, a submarine-style pitcher, to hit the BBT for the team on Friday afternoon.

Keep your head clear, talk to people about pitching trends, 2-for-4 with triple Lidaf heater George Cooper said. We were all in our game for different pitchers and because of our son we were expecting different trends from them.

Harvard-Westlake continued to attack in the third and fourth innings. Cooper hit an RBI single and Bryce Rainer had two runs in the fourth.

Wolverines added two more runs in the fifth in the singles by Tolstoy Bythud and Will Gasparino, and Jacob Galloway fired Power Cooper in the sixth inning.

Christian Thomson added a final run for Cyprus with an RBI singles in the sixth innings.

This group is the biggest move of any team for me, said Centurion coach John Weber. At the beginning of the year, I talked to them about the things we had to strive for and the ethics of our work and the kind of things we did that ended the season with some reminders and I’m really proud of them.