HS basketball returns

Indoor HS basketball returns: Check out these photos from the Susan Wagner-CSI/McCown game

On Saturday morning, Susan Wagner and the CSI / McCain varsity varsity basketball teams returned to the inner ring for the first time since the epidemic struck in March 2020.

In the Falcons 90-88, SW Andrew Molina easily defeated Justin Mason by 30 points at the St. George Gymnasium in Curtis and Justin Mason added 17 points and the game was divided by 20 points.

The Falcons led 39-24 at the half, but in the third period the Dragons, by subcontracting 32-9, opened the game wide.

This spring, citywide PSL Hoops Games will be part of the Donald J. Douglas Tournament. Douglas was a former PSL CEO who died in February shortly after retiring from the PSL. He was 58 years old.

Scroll down to see some great photos shared by SI Live.com and advanced contributor Kara Buzga.

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