July 24, 2021

Football coach fired after team used anti-Semitic language

Football coach fired

The Ducksbury High School football team in Doxbury, Massachusetts, was separated after an investigation into the use of anti-Semitic language to tell their head coach a play during a game.

In a statement shared with Sports on USA Today Wednesday, school superintendents, principals and human resources officials said the use of offensive language was horrific and frustrating and that they would continue to work with the anti-defamation league in the short and long term. The term responds.

Today, for the first time, Dexbury severed ties with Dave Mymarn as head football coach, the statement said. Second, in collaboration with the Hingam administration, it was decided to cancel the JV and Freshman Games scheduled for Saturday and Monday, as well as the college football game scheduled for Friday night. The fate of the future games and football season will be decided at a later date.

Mymarn is on paid administrative leave from his investigative position for further investigation.

In a statement shared with USA Today Sports on Wednesday morning, Doxbury Public School Superintendent John Antonucci said the school had launched an investigation as soon as the allegations became public and reached out to members of the Doxbury community. Doxbury and the Anti-Defamation League.

As our investigation continues, it has become clear that members of the Doxbury High School football team actually used anti-Semitic and potentially other inappropriate and abusive language, Antonichi said. We have contacted many community members, parents and the Anti-Defamation League about the seriousness of the complaint. We are continuing our investigation and will comment further at a later time.

According to the New England Anti-Defamation League, the words Advitz, Rabbi and Dridel were used during the game to call the audible.

Robert Treston, ADL New England Regional Director, said in a statement shared with USA Today Sports, “We are shocked and disturbed by these anti-Semitic allegations and call for a large-scale independent investigation.” It is extremely painful for the Jewish community to know that field plays were associated with the Holocaust and Judaism. There are signs of systemic failure both on and off the field. We are working with Doxbury officials as this investigation progresses. ”

Anti-Semitic language was used to call plays during the Ducksbury season opener against Plymouth North High School on 12 March. Head coach Dave Mymern was not at the Docksbury game on Dec. 19 and is not expected to return while the school investigation is ongoing.

On behalf of the staff and players of the Doxbury High School football team, I apologize for the sensitive, foul and inappropriate language used during the March 12 game, Mymeron said. The use of the word was reckless, unnecessary and above all hurt in the face – unforgivable. The staff and team have been transparent and cooperative with management at this time, and we have been held accountable for this incident. We work on it as a team and focus on the lessons we can learn from it.

In a letter to the families on Monday, Plymouth manager Peter Parsellin said Plymouth players heard extremely offensive language from Doxbury players for their game call system. Parsellin said the words were not directed at Plymouth players or coaches, they reported the incident directly to their school administration.

“I have a long history of helping students and athletes of all races, religions and abilities, including a specialized educational teacher and coach, with a multi-ethnic family,” Mymeron said. I especially consider the soccer field to be the largest classroom in the school and I have created an inclusive program that welcomes and joins any student who wants to take part.