Derrick Rose reinvents himself as the driving force of the Knicks

Maybe that’s what it meant all along, something of the balance of the workforce in the basketball world, year after year, and the meaning of the lost dream for Derrick Rose.

Rose was named the youngest valuable player in NBA history at the age of 22, 10 years ago this month. Combined with coach Tom Thibodeau, the way Michael Jordan led the Bulls to the championship looked like a future for the city’s hero in Chicago.

But like the hardwood version of The Natural, the path of history was changed by an unexpected series of injuries and surgeries. A torn anterior cruciate ligament in the postseason missed the first opportunity. He missed the entire next season and when he returned the following year he only lasted 10 games before breaking his meniscus in the other knee. Since then, he has not come close to playing the entire season, once he developed a series of certain ankle and knee problems and a long list of minor tweets.

So when the Knicks signed a deal with the Pistons in Fix, it cost them next to nothing to bring him in: Dennis Smith Jr., who was going to play in the G-League, and a second-round pick. Even the idea of ​​reuniting him with Thibodeau only raised concerns that it could hamper the progress of the reconstruction project. But when the young Knicks found themselves in a dogfight in the first-round play-off series, Rose re-emerged as a key element of their postseason dream.

Rose led the Knicks to a 2-point victory Wednesday night with 29 points in 39 minutes and 2 points, giving the frustrated team a calm presence. And he did it while providing fuel, slashing 13 points with Nick early in the second half to get into the lineup and cheer them on to win 101-192 and send them to Atlanta in Game 3 on Friday, even the best series in Series 1. – 1.

Maybe it’s as simple as that it was a vintage rose, and mixed point makers enjoy that description. He looked back long before the series on Instagram and mentioned, what if you are a completely different gamer! It’s nothing but vintage in my game. I no longer play the drum or jump high. I’m not killing you with speed or I’m not breaking up fast with someone else. I don’t even record my reverse designs. I am a completely different player. I like chess so I put it this way … I lost my queen early in the game, but struggled in my [explosive] way to get one of my Punjabis back.

Taj Gibson, who has teamed up with Rose and Thibodeau in Chicago, Minnesota and now New York, shook his head at the idea.

Yeah Al, that sounds pretty bad to me. It seems like Gibson is not for me either. He’s just being humble. He is playing very well. But at the same time, he is really taking care of his body. One thing I noticed about Derrick is that when he is in a family situation, when he feels comfortable, he understands his family, he realizes that it is a good environment, a winning environment, he is going to improve. . And right now he is surrounded by familiar faces, he has been at war for a long time.

How he plays is not a coincidence at all. His leadership role is now on a completely different level, like talking to young children. But in the third quarter I was surprised. I did not know what to expect. But Thebes changed the lineup in an attempt to give it more power, and it worked. . . We are the real family here. “We really believe in 15 people. And nobody ever gets upset. Everybody knows that nothing is needed to win the game. We always celebrate together. We are the real team and a real family.

The Knicks needed roses, only Alfred Payton, the starting point guard all season, has been fighting hard for a month, but the Hawks have done a great job capturing Julius Randall. Rose responded with the need for someone to act and provide a spark.

I’m trying to stay in the moment, be present, Rose said. Every time they tell you that you think about the past or the future, you go to the default mode. I need to be aware of where I am. I’m so happy to feel good, we won and I played very differently from the first game, making sure to catch the ball and try to play urgently. Because I didn’t see the last game and I was frustrated inside myself.

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