Who are the Charlotte area’s best football players? The 2021 All-Observer team

A state champion ran back and set a record defensive lineman title in the spring of 2021 All-Observer High School football team

Vance High Running back Dylan Smarts is Charlotte Observer’s offensive player of the year. The Huskies had 1,333-yard runs and 14 touchdowns and led the Cougars to the second consecutive NCC4AA State Championship.

He was voted MVP of the Championship Game.

His coach, Glenwood Freby, was Charlotte’s best observation coach of the year.

The defensive player of the year was Xavier Rice-Wilson, a Kings Mountain senior, who had 45 tackles and 23 sacks this season.

Wilson and Smarts were finalists for the NCC High School Heisman Award, as well as quarterback Barram Brown at Rolls-Royce. Smithers, a comedian, won the award on the Observer’s streaming show “Talking Preps.”

First party office
QB: Austin Gear, Vance, -0-0, 205, Sr: 1 of 16 passes to 1,991 yards and 1 TD in four intervals. The Colombian recruit was the MVP of the state championship.

Arab: Dylan Smarts, Vance, 5-11, 175, Sof: 1,333 yards, 145 runs for 14 TDs. 13 passes for 201 yards, two TDs. NC High School Heisman Award winner Dr.

Arab: Devon Nelson, Butler, 6-0, 220, Sr: 197 runs for 1,387 yards and 19 touchdowns. Named South Africa’s 4A offensive player of the year.

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To propose

Ol: Jalil Davis, Richmond Sr., -5-5, 307, Sr .: N.C. State N.C. Class 4 has anchored the power line.

Ol: Will Hart, Porter Ridge, 6-2, 275, Jr .: The All Southwestern 4 first team had 74 blocks of pancakes on the pick and didn’t drop a catch.

Ol: Jackson Lewis, Hebrew, -2-2, 240, Sr .: The three-year beginner’s average grade was 94 percent. The conference voted is the offensive player of the year.

Ol: Blake Davis, Kings Mountain, 6-2, 290, Sr.: Pancake block for 22 seasons, when he rose to 88 percent. Big South 3 has been named offensive lineman of the year.

Ol: Leo Aredondo, Butler, -2-2, 265, Mr. The four-year-old starter was a two-time All-Southwest 4A. Opening casings for racing games averaging 7 yards and 29 runs per vehicle.

TE: Bryson Nesbitt, South Mecklenburg, 6-6, 240, Sr.: Caught for 400 yards and five TDs in 31 six games. UNC has named the best off-offense player of the year.

WR: Shaliak Knots, Monroe, -3-3, 16 185, Jr .: The five-star national pick received 6,077 yards and 34 passes from seven TDs. There were 55 tackles defensively, 3 int. South Carolina Player of the Year.

WR: Casey Concepcion, Vance, 5-11, 155, Sof: Dangerous for the running game and the return game, Concepcion had 42 receptions at 4,471 yards, TTD. There are 5 multi-potency offerings.

K: Nolan Hauser, Huff, 5-10, 160, K, Free: 34 of 34 extra points and 14 of 16 field goal attempts. He has scored 76 of 76 points this season.

KR: Jadon Robinson, Mountain Island Charter, 5-9, 160, Sr .: Kick returned an average of 47 yards on the return and had 1,147 yards on multipurpose offense in seven games. A total of seven touchdowns led his team.

ATH: Vance Honeykit, Salisbury, 6-2, 170, Sr .: 999 yards cross, 11 TD MVP for 2AA State Finals. He ran 909 yards, had 19 TDs. UNC Baseball Recruitment.

Specs: Paul Neal, Charlotte Catholic, 5-10, 187, Sr .: Number one offensive weapon for the four-time state champion. Blue rushed 169 times for 1,055 yards and 13 touchdowns. The state had a running back pass to score in the final.

First team defense
DL: Xavier Rice-Wilson, Kings Mountain, 5-11, 235, SR: There were 29 of 49 for Yardage’s loss. He had 23 sacks and was selected in the Big South 3 as the best player of the year. North Carolina High School Heisman Final.

DL: Jake Biggers, West Rowan, 6-6, 330, Sr.: 30 tackles, 15 for losses and three sacks. The Georgia Tech pick was the defensive player of the year at North Piedmont 3.

DL: Curtis Neal, Huff, 6-1, 290, Jr.: 31 tackles, five sacks and 12 durable regular-team doubles for losses. There are dozens of Power 5 offerings in the four-star national recruitment.

DL: Eli Hall, Crest, -4-4, 2270, Jr .: The Big South Conference star had 40 tackles, six sacks, 19 hurdles quarterbacks and nine tackles for Lass. He offers more than 30 sections of the room.

LB: Jalan Walker, Salisbury, -2-2, 220, Jr .: Georgia Recruitment National No. 4. In the 2022 class, he is the fourth OLB recruit. There were 979 tackles, eight sacks this season.

LB / DL: Malaki Hamrick, Shelby, -4-4, 205, Jr .: North Carolina recruits had 55 tackles, five sacks and 11 tackles to power NC2A.

LB: Tareen Wright, Al Brown, 6-3, 215, Jr.: A four-star national recruit in the 2023 class. Ranked 18th nationally at outside linebacker. “It was the best of me,” coach Mike Newsom said.

DB: Omari Filiau, Myers Park, 5-10, 180, Jr .: 43 total tackles, three interceptions, two sacks and six broken passes. There were two blocked shots in favor of regional finalist N.C 4AA in Philadelphia.

DB: Ja Davis, North Rowan, 5-6, 1700, Sri Lanka: There were 5 tackles, three sacks and six interceptions between the three-time All-Yadakin Valley all-time pick and the conference defensive player.

DB: Elijah Horton, Central Cabras, -0-0, 200, Sr.: The Piedmont Southern Conference had 733 tackles, five forced fumbles, eight tackles per loss and two busted passes for the co-defensive player of the year.

DB: Isaiah Brown-Murray, Huff, 5-10, 175, Jr .: He played five secondary positions and had 32 tackles, one interception, one defense and two foul recoveries. There are several DI offerings.

Q: Eddie Sijaplicki, Providence, -1-1, 190, Sr .: Arizona State ranks in the top 10 kicks and painters in the country in terms of recruiting. Take an average of 45.9 yards from the Shreen Bowl in the pint this season. The 51-yard field goal also started.

PR: Jack Snape, Butler, 5-11, 17 185, Mr. All-Southwest 4 had a return touchdown of two pontoons on the pick and 663 yards, 12 TDs and 21,136 yards and 35 receptions for two touchdowns.

Second party office
QB: Lucas Lenhof, Myers Park, 6-1, 190, Jr.

Arabic: Cameron Smith, Olympic, 5-10, 185, Mr.

Arab: Jacob Newman, Myers Park, 5-11, 190, Jr.

OL: Sullivan Abshar, South Point, 6-7, 275, Sof.

Ol: Connor Drake, Providence, 6-6, 315, Sof.

OL: Garrett Jordan, Marvin Ridge, 6-2, 235, Mr.

Ol: Timmy Artis, Huff, 6-4, 290, Mr.

Ol: JL Birch, Olympian, 6-1, 260, Jr.

TE: Zidane Hooper, R-S Central, -4-4, 220, Sr.

WR: Cameron Thornton, Myers Park, 6-0, 190, Jr.

WR: Chance More, West Charlotte, 6-6, 202, Jr.

K: Todd Pleasure, Mountain Island Charter, 6-8, 185, Mr.

KR: Jamarion Dawkins, Forestview, 5-11, 220, Mr.

ATH: Jack Krump, Monroe, 5-10, 195, Jr.

Specifications: Bravin Calwell, Ardre Kell, 5-10, 160, Jr.

Second team defense
DL: Santana Hooper, Shelby, 6-3, 260, Jr.

DL: Bryce Dixon, Butler, 6-3, 280, Jr.

DL: James Pierce, Vance, 6-6, 220, Jr.

DL: Jalen Swindell, Vance, 6-2, 285, Jr.

LB: Matthew Reddick, South Mecklenburg, 6-3, 225, Jr.

LB: Avarian Cole, Vance, 6-1, 205, Mr.

LB: Liam Barbie, Charlotte Catholic, 6-1, 218, Mr.

DB: Jacob Booker, AL Brown, 6-2, 180, Mr.

DB: Christian Hunter, Mountain Island Charter, 5-9, 175, Mr.

DB: Bryson Parker, Weddington, 5-10 years old, 185, Mr.

DB: Corey Hunter, Butler, 6-0, 175, Mr.

Q: Alex Collins, Independence, 5-9, 165, Mr.

Public Relations: Albert Fleming, Olympic, 6-1, 184, Jr.

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