Class S softball quarterfinals

Tullock, Somers fend of Coventry in Class S softball quarterfinals

Gabby Tulak had one thing on her mind when she entered the batter’s box for the Somers High softball team on Saturday afternoon.

In the quarterfinals of the Class S tournament, the two senior doubles, three RBIs and one run brought the second-seeded Spartans to No. 1. The numbers and the NCCC put enemy Coventry in the top 6. -5. .

Sommers (20-2) will play No. 11 Shepag Valley in the semifinals on Monday or Tuesday that will be scheduled for Monday or Tuesday. In six innings Saturday afternoon, Shepag (12-5) is 19th in Ansonia. Meanwhile, Coventry finished 15-6.

Tulak said: “We have to fight as much as we can (in 2019). “This team has a lot of potential. Our entire batting lineup is very strong, we are all great hitters. I have a lot of confidence in my team.

The Spartans won the S-Class Championship in 2019, the first in team history.

Somers led through the bottom of the third. It’s 3-3 and with an away tie, Bianca Green hits a single home run over the left-field fence. In the next inning, a two-run double near the walls of Turk’s center field turned the hosts into three.

But the Patriots still had life.

Getting one in the top of the seventh, Caroline Vesolovsky broke one. The ball rolled along the third base line, but it was fair to give the freshman a hit.

Sophomore Julia Boa later brought a triple to the wall at Centerfield, while her classmate Lindsay Harrington brought a flowery single to her house that turned it into just grass.

Harrington stole second base before Abby Boa was punished. Delaney’s Harrington was the first to arrive when Green took the field in second. With runners-up first and third and two, Remington Cassida stepped into the pitcher to finish off Emily Reynolds.

Coventry came on board with an early run, but the Spartans took the lead just behind with two at the bottom of the innings. In the first game of the third inning, each team added a second run before the Patriots tied three for home runs by Julia Boa at the left-field fence.

Madison Hinkley also had two hits for the Samars, including a double. She added an RBI and a run. Her partner Grace Majovich scored two runs. Reynolds walked the distance, giving up three chances, five runs and none walking.

Julia Boa led the Patriots with three hits, three runs and two RBIs. Lindsay Harrington and Amy Priver each added a hit and an RBI. Abby Boa scored three runs in the loss, struck out five and walked in one.

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