July 24, 2021

Spectator capacity limits for high school sports events lifted

high school sports events lifted

The New York State Department of Health has updated the guidelines for spectator capacity limitations for high school sports. The spectator limit, which was 500, has been raised for all high school sports.

The state’s decision to increase the spectator limit was reviewed by the Suffolk County Health Department on Wednesday night, according to Tom Coombs, executive director of Division XI, which performs all of Suffolk’s school sports.

All events are open for convenience, Combis said Thursday. We are very happy with this decision and your opportunity. We are excited for parents and spectators to see the athletes perform on the bigger stage.

State rules altered the 500-viewer limit for track and field fans, who wanted to watch the county boys and girls track and field championships.

Our problem was that more than 300 athletes from different schools were competing in these track and field events. And when they’re done, they go up in the stands and watch everyone compete and the crowd advances to over 500.

Comcast High School will host the girls and Comcast High School will host the county boys’ championship. Belmore JFK in Nassau will host the men’s-women’s track championship.

“All of our member schools have worked diligently to get to this place where it is safe to allow the capacity of the place for all visitors,” Combs said.

The town of Brookaven will host three Long Island Championship softball games on Saturday at the Moriches Athletic Complex. St. Joseph’s College of Patchwork will host three Long Island Baseball Championship Games in the 1st, 3rd and Viz conferences.

The conference will be hosted by the NASA Park Department at the Michel Athletic Complex on Sunday at LIC, the second, fourth and sixth base in baseball. There will be an entry list for fans from all participating schools who want to watch the game from behind home plate. Each school will be assigned 100 visitors in a limited seating area behind the plate.

All other spectators will be able to see from any other vantage point around the field, Combs said. People can finally go out and enjoy the games. It should be a great weekend.

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