Madison West selects Art Bonomie as football coach

Madison West has a new football coach.

Art Bonami has been named the Regents coach, Madison West Athletic Director Alicia Pelton confirmed Friday.

While most WIAA football programs have chosen to play a shorter fall schedule due to COVID-19, most Madison area high schools, including the entire Big Eight Conference and all schools of the Rock Valley Conference, except Madison Edwood, have committed to an alternate spring season. In autumn, Irili is left empty

Bonomie replaces Brad Murphy as coach.

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Baloney has six years of coaching experience in high school, including five years at Madison West and one year with Madison Edwood, according to Pelton. Banami has 10 years of youth football experience.

His commitment to educational athletics, including pedagogy, positive communication, community service, leadership and program development, will help us maintain success on and off the field, Pelton wrote in a message to Madison West parents about the Bonmi’s choice.

As a former and now Interim Head Coach of the West this year and an active leader at Southeast Riders, we are confident that this change will run smoothly and we look forward to moving the program forward.

According to Pelton, the school decided to have Bonmi as its permanent coach after serving an interim role.

Banami is a university with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Michigan. According to Pelton, he advanced his studies from the University of Wisconsin with a certificate in advanced management and leadership.

Murphy was hired in 2016.

He set a 21-22 record in four seasons, including three appearances for the West. A 9-3 record in 2017 was the Regents’ best sign with Murphy.

Madison West and other Madison public schools were selected not to play football during the 2020 Covid-1p epidemic, or the WIA alternate fall season.

Murphy decided to host the Madison West club football team this spring because Mafison Public Schools did not play in the fall alternate season because he said he wanted to give these athletes the opportunity to play this school year.

The club’s team, which initially included players from the West Madison Metropolitan School District, was not affiliated with the school district. His work with the club team was a violation of the WIA communication rules. The team finished the alternate fall season 4-0.

Murphy said he realized he could lose his job as Madison West coach by coaching the club’s team. In early May, word was received that the Madison School District Director had released an inaugural football coach post, indicating that Murphy would no longer be Regents’ coach.

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