Lacey Tennis Coach Fred Reed Retires After 24 Years

Lace, Olympia and Tomwater High School’s third season games will end this month. It marks the end of a great career for Lacey’s tennis coach, Fred Reid.

Reid finished his 24th year as tennis coach at Lessey on Thursday, facing North Thurston Yelm in men’s tennis. His first 2 seasons were at River Ridge High School and then for the next 22 seasons he moved to North Thurston.

The highlight of Reed was bringing athletes to state competitions 19 times. The training was really exciting for me, Reed said when asked about his coaching career. I like the game. I’ve been playing since 1975. It’s been fun. It has been rewarded. I have to do it all over again.

For North Thurston, who had 14 players on the team this year, the 2021 men’s season was fast and furious and had some challenges on the court. We have several young players and there isn’t much time to practice this year, but we learned a lot of basics and basics of the game, Red explained.

Reed appreciated the support of the North Thurston Public Schools, especially for the opportunity to allow the children of Seawood and the district to play. A lot of kids weren’t doing much at the time of the Kovid coup and I really appreciate supporting the District Opening Games this season and not paying them, allowing them to become their own, have fun and not give in to any pressure. he said.

The joy and opportunity to train for Reed isn’t just about sharing his love for the game, it’s also about the connection he made with his parents and athletes. It’s great to build relationships with kids after high school and college, even after sharing Reed. I enjoyed and admired the children who played and allowed them to play and train their parents for many years. It has been a lot of fun.

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