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High school notes: Coaches name Treasure Coast top softball, baseball players

Top softball and baseball players earn FACA honors, seniors head the All Star Games.

The Florida Athletic Coaches Association announced the awards for best softball player of the year and best player of the year.

For softball, Treasure Coast Jr. and Duke Comte Cassidy Cord were named Player of the Year for 4,426 years for double-sided hitting. With 1.4 ERA-4s and pitching 120 innings in 69 overs to lead the Titans to their first regional final.

Martin County Sr. and Rollins College firm Emily McMullen was an A player after a close 12-3 lead with a 0.999 ERR in a difficult season, recording 230 hits in 107 innings and hitting 1 at RBI in the plate. the Tigers.

Malia Roll, a South Fork senior and East Carolina signature, was the best player in five years after a great final season to lead the region with seven home runs and 233 RBIs for the Bulldogs .377.

Jensen Beach senior Atlanta Richardson hit 1R RBI for the Falcons after going 10-11 in 1,327 innings in 1,328 innings with a 10-11 two-sided standout.

Madison Davis, a sophomore at Lincoln Park Academy, was a 3-year-old player after the big Greyhounds season. she had a 10 ERA to lead 10-3 and hit 14 batters in 8 innings at the circle and went down to bat. – Hit the base

John Carroll Catholic freshman Sophia Loreto was a 2A player after a productive season. She played -8 with Shera42 Ira and hit 137 hits outside the circle in 1,146 innings. Hit to lead the Rams to the regional finals at 2 p.m.

McMullen and Roll will represent the region as part of the South All-Star roster for the 31st All-Star Classic to be held at Barto High School in June.

For baseball, Vero Beach’s senior year and Elon Signy were named Player of the Year at No. 11 with a 0.7 ERA in 8,816 innings and a strikeout-to-walk ratio of 933 to 10 in 1,118, after Jack. Nolan.

Stephen Bartolotta, Martin County’s senior standout double, went 5-0 with a 0.81 ERA and struck out 46 in 43 innings at Oundi and batted with 17 RBIs for the Tigers.

Okeechobee Jr. Jacob Hardy after a solid year A-3 goes on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on

Johnson Beach Jr. Patrick Ward was named the best player of the year after one of the best hits by the best hitter in the region, hitting 409 with eight doubles and two home runs and leading the Falcons by 11 runs.

John Carroll, a Catholic senior, and Florida Signi J. Allen, player of the year 3, stole and operated 357, 22 bases with eight doubles, two triples and two home runs after the center fielder went down to bat and led the Rams. . the last four in 3.14 races.

Nolan, Allen, John Carroll Sr. and Signi Braden Kallis of Lewisville and Signi Matthew Pizzarello of Lincoln Park Academy and Indian River State will represent the region at the 42nd annual All-Star Classic in Tigertown, Lakeland. -6.

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