Future is bright for YHS boys basketball

From the Sidelines: Future is bright for YHS boys basketball program

How long has it been a strange ride for high school sports teams in Cisque County this year?

There were no fall sports due to Covid-19, with some cross country games in February, with games like soccer, basketball, and volleyball finally taking place in the spring, as well as baseball and softball.

However, there were differences. There were no playoffs in the North Division, so with the exception of the cheap cascading league held at the baseball and softball league championships, the season ended after the regular season was shortened.

For the Yereka High basketball team, it was just nine games for a team consisting of six seniors. The year before, they posted a 12-16 record overall.

Led by first-year head coach Cliff Blakely, the team was expected to be a successful year.

Last Thursday, these flexible miners put Anderson on top of four wildly successful years to end the season 9-0 with a 5-30 victory.

The YHS also beat the generally dominant schools in the North Division, including a 56-5 victory against U-Prep at home. It was the only null loss of the year for the Panthers.

Excitement spread among YHS Miners fans as they saw the team perform better as a unit. The team has played a basketball-inspired team all season, with several players entering the competition.

For me, Coach Blakely has done a great job of bringing the miners together and buying them in a way that not only wins matches, but also teaches them the power of hard work and comes together as a team and becomes young both on and off. from the field.

Blake has a long history as a coach, first at McCloud High School and then at Mount Shasta High School in Cisque County. Blakely retired as head coach with the Bears in 2019 after seven years and made a great run with the Division 5 program, including taking them into the CIF D5 State Championship game for the first time in his final year as coach since 1999.

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The opportunity to coach the minors and lead them to the forefront in the North Division proved that Blackley’s retirement lasted a long time.

I have a passion for basketball, ”Blakely said when he took office in June.

Talking to some of the players after the win against Etner the other week made it clear how much they respected coach Blakely and how he had brought the team together this year and helped them maximize their chances.

I have always been fascinated by how well trained and disciplined Coach Blake’s teams have been over the years. I thought that next season, this year will be his success. But honestly, I wasn’t expecting an undefeated record. Bravo, for the success of these minors and for working with this type of skill through this program in the first year with Blake.

I look forward to seeing what miners can do in the years to come.

Of course they have to reload this year, but I think YHS is in good hands in charge of bleaching.

A coach like him is always dedicated to our local youth and is always amazed to see their lives improve. I have always had respect for all the coaches who have dedicated their time and knowledge to the local youth sport.

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