July 25, 2021

Bay Area News Group Spring 2021 High School All-Star Football Team

High School All-Star

It was not a regular high school football season and it is not our regular Bay Area News Group All Star team (Wednesdays and East Bay Times).

With input from dozens of coaches, hours of research and debate among us, we finally settled on 69 outstanding athletes to honor our first and second teams, and many more recognized as honorees.



Dorian Hale, De La Salle, 6-0, 175, senior

A three-year starter for the Bay Area Top Program. One coach called him “Stud, very precise and very fast.” The crime is executed perfectly. ”

Brady Huchingson, Acalanes, 6-1, 180, senior

Walk-in preferred in the state of Oregon. He rushes for 1,381 yards, 15 TDs this spring. One coach said: “We lost to them at 6 and that was the reason.”

Dominic Lampkin, best, 6-1, 175, junior

Lead one of the Bay Area’s most explosive offenses on an undefeated record. He added 192 more runs for 292 yards and scored a total of 12 TDs.

Appropriate creator

Adam Garwood, Los Gatos, 5-10, 185, Elder

Another, described by Anza’s division coach as “probably (the best offensive player in the league”), demonstrates his seasonal line line: Roding’s 11 TDs are second in the standings averaging 9.9 yards per average. registration per vehicle. Cal is committed to playing Polly.

Matteo Perez, Marine Catholic, 5-10, 180, elder

Another great season for Marine Catholics included Perez’s big production bound for UC Davis. He rushed 164 yards against Tamalpais and had three TDs.

Nico Torres, de la Salle, 5-10, 195, veteran

The Spartans have played in the backfield without doing the same on the baseball fields. He scored 10 TDs and a total of 679 yards rushing, both in the top three of the statistics recorded in the NCS.

Extensive receiver

Jurion Dickey, Valley Christian, 6-2, 205, Sofmore

In the class of 2023, one of the best offensive prospects in the region was widely praised by three rival WCL coaches, who called him “key to his victory against us,” including

Tan Nunley, Cardinal Newman, 6-3, 190, Veteran

The undefeated Cardinal-Newman’s main goal was to catch 7 of the Cubs’ 10 TD passes to tie for the NCS lead among recorded figures caught in an average of five receptions, 104 yards and at least one touchdown in five wins. Committed to playing in the state of Washington.

Matthew Quisada, Pittsburgh, 6-2, 180, veteran

First team TV honors for two schools for the past two years. He went from Independence on a high-powered offense to 1st WR with an average of 52.6 points per game. 198 passes for 308 yards, 4 TD.


JP Murphy, San Ramon Valley, -4-4, 230, veteran

The San Diego state-bound Tight End has consistently made big plays, leading the NCS to every catch (23.7) yards per player with at least 10 receptions.


Hassan Mahasin, Serra, 5-10 years old, 180, Jr.

Bay Area News Group Spring 2021 Player of the Year. Without giving Mahasin a better explanation than “explosive”, several coaches praised the game behind this versatile game, which was a total of 45,454 yards and 10 touchdowns, evenly divided between ground and air.

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Dietown Pearson, Pittsburgh, 5-8, 160, elder

Bay Area News Group Spring 2021 Offensive Player of the Year. Each vehicle averaged 12.5 yards and 127.6 games per game, as well as 14 passes out of the backfield of more than 100 yards. A total of 8 TDs, including a total of one as a kicker.

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Noah Short, King’s Academy, 6-0, 175, veteran

An influential player in all three stages of the game, very few players received more praise from the coach on the other side. “We saw the best player of the year,” said one coach, who described him as “explosive” and “versatile.” Another praised the coach: “He can only kill you. Each play needs to know where it is. “Committed to playing in the Navy.




Jackson Brown, San Ramon Valley, 6-6, 280, Jr.

Help Anchor, one of the Bay Area’s top offensive lines, is already back next season with a handful of scholarship offers from Help Division-1 schools.

Matai Bell, Campolindo, 6-4, 320, Mr.

6-0 Field offensive line leader who excelled on both sides. Committed to playing in the Army.

Tyler Charbon, Clayton Valley Charter, -3-3, 260, Mr.

Coach Tim Murphy has been described as the best lineman in the EBL with a 95% block rate. Cal is committed to playing Polly.

Kyle Ecker, San Ramon Valley, -5-5, 2275, veteran

Committed to playing in San Diego.

Hudson Mesa, St. Francis, 6-2, 270, veteran

An offensive captain for St. Francis and a leader in the offensive line for the Lancers as a starting point. Committed to playing for San Jose State.

Coach of the year

Justin Alambug, de la Salle and Patrick Walsh, the best

Without these coaches, there might not be a spring season to talk about. His efforts were instrumental in bringing high school football, and nearly all sports, back to California. After fighting and winning in the state of California, both coaches led the campaign undefeated for the top 25 teams No. 1 and 3 in the latest Bay Area News Group.

Defensive line

Joe Carrillo, Acklens, -4-4, 225, veteran

Acalness’ (5-1) continued on the field with 14.5 tackles for losses with 3.5 sacks in six games of defensive advantage.

John Carter, Sacred Heart High School, 6-0, 170, Elder

Crosstown averaged more than one sack in every game, including four to beat rivals Menlo-Atherton. He led SHP 29 tackles, 7 sacks.

Seoli Helu, Serra, 6-3, 315, veteran

Committed to playing in the state of New Mexico. Coach Patrick Walsh said only one player had a big impact on top defense.

Dominic Oliver, Valley Christian, 6-3, 220, Elder

Committed to playing in the state of San Diego. He made 10.5 tackles for losses in four games.


Caleb Branscomb, twenty at Dawood, 5-10, 205, veteran

The constant source of lightning bolts in the backfield are those that average more than 10 per game.

Maurice Jamison, Pittsburgh, 6-2, 225, veteran

BVL has been named Defensive Player of the Year and the unanimous first team selection. A “very smart” player who makes ground and coverage plays, according to coach Vic Galli.

Dylan Seeley, Clayton Valley Charter, 6-1, 220, Senior

He led an impressive defense with three interceptions in six games and averaged more than eight tackles in the competition.

Finn Williams, Serra, 6-0, 205, elderly

An “alpha man” who led the best defense, according to coach Patrick Walsh. A tall team with two sacks made 41 tackles and a wall.

Defensive back

JK Berry, de la Salle, 6-0, 195, junior

Pack-12 has offers from 75%. 164 receiving yards and two touchdowns played both ways, but it was also a hindrance and a tight corner with the family forced.

Robert Freeman, El Cerrito, 5-8, 150, Jr.

According to 247 Sports, the three-star junior with the offer from the State of Arizona. He helped Gauchos lead a 5-0 record this spring. There was crime, defense and threats to special teams. One coach said: “His skill set made it very difficult for him to stop and defend.”

Isaac Green, Bishop Woodwood, 6-2, 165, Jr.

Four breaks in five games came close to leading the NCS. Less than one catch per game is allowed.

Lu-Magic Horns, de la Salle, 5-11, 160, old man

Kale promised to play. 189 yards and three receiving touchdowns and 42.6 yards on kick returns contributed to all aspects of the game, but with two resistances, the defensive back was the most influential.


Gary Alexander III, El Cerrito, Veteran 6-1, 210

The three-year-old varsity player was the team captain and a key player on defense. There were 78 tackles and 11 sacks. There was also a fullback start for a team that finished 5-0 in the spring. His coach, Jacob Rinkon, said: “His physique is to block and run resistance to scare the ball.”

Will Cody, Valley Christian, 5-8 years old, 190, Jr.

The middle linebacker, fullback, kicker had 28 tackles, finished with 1.5, also had 7 of 7 in the PAT and 4 of 4 in the field goal effort, with 44 lengths. There were eight touchbacks on 18 kickoffs.

J’Darion Nardi, San Ramón Valley, 6-0, 175, Jr.

An opposition coach Nardi has a “special talent”. Moving the twist is unrealistic, very smooth. Frustrated acceleration, the most explosive athlete we played from “a team of 486 yards and five TD runs. 62 yards and one TD also got six passes.”

Kicker / Painter

Cad Whitson, Leyland, 6-0, 165, Jr.

The 13-of-13 season ended with an extra point effort, and the field goal effort was 4 of 7, with 45 long shots.

The second team
Attack player
Teddy Buras, California, 6-3, 190, Jr.

In contrast to a challenging schedule, he passed 1,236 yards and seven touchdowns, completing 61% of his efforts.

Matt McLeod, Menlo-Atherton, 6-0, 180, Jr.

There are no obstacles as the spring 8 TD and MA schedule for 8 TDs and 8 yards is not undefeated.

Drian Paul, McClemunds, 5-10, 160, Jr.

He leads Mack to an undefeated season in the Oakland Athletic League. Knorr had four TD passes in the rematch against Manteker, which Mac won 34-14.

Appropriate creator
Richard Jackson IV, multiplied, 6-2, 205, senior

While leading CCS at Rushing Yard, Wing-T from the title track committed offense for the first undefeated season in 50 years. According to one opposition coach, “a tough running back with great philosophy” who had a lot of explosive TD drama, “said another in the SCVL lower division.

Brian Kane Jr., Piedmont, 5-10 years old, 190, Elder

Along with Jackson, the most admired among opposition coaches. “A horse!” Said an opposition coach. One is “a great enthusiastic racer and difficult to deal with in space,” according to another.

Devon River, Her Tih, 5-5, 165, Sofmore

The sophomore ran 911 yards, a high on the NCS record, and had 124 TDs, one coach said, “He played great against us. He did great dramas all night. ”

Omari Taylor Jr., Clayton Valley Charter, 5-11, 175, Elder

Reliable workhorse in the heavy duty attack of UglyGalls. He runs 200 yards and / or 2 TDs in three separate games.


Extensive receiver
Jack Calacagno, California, 6-0, 160, Jr.

He leads all statistics on record with the NCS, including 707 adoption yards, against a challenging schedule.

Jalen Moss, Menlo-Atherton, 6-1, 181, Jr.

Highly rated in the 2022 class with multiple Power 5 offerings. According to a reverse coach, the “explosive wide receiver,” he landed 19 passes for 313 yards, 3 TDs. He also played defense and returned kicks.

Maxwell Weaver, Campolindo, 6-1, 175, veteran

No. 1 WR for Campolindo 6-0. Among receivers who completed at least 10 receptions, the NCS ranked second in yards per reception (527) and per caddy (22.4) yards. Committed to playing at Davidson.

Hard ending
Christian Pedersen, best, 6-5, 225, veteran

Impressive as a big plays catcher and run blocker in limited action before going to play at Louisville this fall.


Camilo Orkit, San Francisco, 6-0, 210, Jr.

Do everything for Mr. St. Francis. In a season-ending win over rival Bellarmin, he ran for two TDs, blocked a pass and returned a massive kick at swing speed for St. Francis. “He’s been amazing since his infamous years,” said his coach Greg Calacagno.

Nico Domin, Bellarmine, 6-1, 185, Mr.

While playing special teams among the top CCS catchers, not just as a returner, but as an emerging painter as well. A trainer who confronted him said: “Some staggering offenses create drama and a deadly threat as a painter.”

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Matt White, Bishop O’Dowd, 5-10, 170, Jr.

Only player among NCS listed leaders with at least 300 receiving yards and 200 crowds. Total 8 TD.

Official line
John Bowles, Jefferson, -4-4, 240, Senior

Our league’s most influential offensive tackle, including 12-pack size and athleticism described by the opposing PAL coach. “The other two coaches who confronted him called Lineman” big, fast (and) physical “and” as good as I saw in high school. ”

Jack Burnett, San Ignacio, 6-3, 315, Elder

Featured on both sides of the line for the past two years. Committed to playing offensive online in the Air Force.

Shane Dotty, Los Gatos, 6-2, 249, Veteran

“It all makes sense,” said coach Mark Creel, “at the most important point on our line. Turn to the defensive line.

Olugbenga “Favorite” Comoloff, Liberty, 6-4, 290, Jr.

Coach Matt Hayefs said Liberty (4-1) averaged 3,375 yards per game, but when it came time to get out early, “(we) ran after him every time.”

John Packett, de la Salle, 6-1, 225, veteran

Leading the offensive line toward the best team in the Bay Area, blocking for a squad that averaged 43 points per game and went 0-0.

Defensive line
Miles Bailey, Benicia, 6-4, 255, Jr.

Already committed to Fresno state with multiple Division 1 offers. Tied for the team lead with four sacks with 18 snapshots and 31 tackles.

Simon Mitchell, McClemunds, 6-3, 320, Jr.

The powerhouse of the Auckland Athletic League, a defender on the offensive line and a two-way standout in the middle of the defensive line. This spring he has helped Mack beat six opponents at 246-14.

Nicholas Quintero, Pittsburgh, 5-9, 255, Jr.

All-BVL unanimously formed a first-team partnership with Damuriye Kenegan. Combined for 40 tackles and 13.5 in five games.

Logan Woman, Live Oak, 6-2, 245, Veteran

Four-year starter. Committed to playing at the Colorado School of Mines.

Brian Escarza, Wilcox, Sr. 6-0, 198

One team dominates the defense that started from the end without losing the league title in a moment. Coach Paul Rosa said, “I think he’s the best defensive player in our league.”

Celsi Moyala, Tennyson, 6-1, 225, Jr.

Committed to the state of Oregon. He led the defense that allowed a TD in his first three games.

Cairo Reed, de la Salle, 6-2, 210, veteran

De La Salle led with 43 tackles, including two sacks, en route to an undefeated campaign.

Jack Rip, Los Gatos, 6-3, 210, Jr.

According to coach Mark Creel, a “Division II player … who rarely enters the field.” Los Gatos defense (5-0) with 69 tackles up front. The beginning is also the end.

Defensive back

Ian Collier, Archbishop Mitti, 6-1, 190, elder

Coach Danny Sullivan put the collar on Valley Christian’s star catcher, Jurrian Dickey, and locked it up in the matchup. Passes were also captured and Kicks and Pats returned.

Samson Duncan-Newsulu, James Logan, 6-0, 195, Mr.

“Most effective defensive player (on the field)” identified by an opposing coach

Devon Parker, Oak Grove, 5-10, 165, Elder

In three games, all wins, he blocked two passes and missed a TD on free defense and caught seven passes for 156 yards and four TDs on the receiver. An opposition coach said: “This kid is playing in the bottle. Even if he gives him a hole the size of a dime, it’s a house call. ”

Bryant Weekly, Pittsburgh, senior-2, 155, senior

Dixie is committed to the state. Coach Vic Galli said: “Aren has partnered with Williams to form the two best hairpin turns in the Gulf. They each knock down two interceptions.



General Boone, Benicia, 6-0, 190, Jr.

The running back / linebacker led the team into a fight with 39, scri 198 yards at 3.0 and one team ran the best seven TDs. He also had 14 passes for 155 yards. His coach, Scott Swartz, called him “Alpha”, “Boone is our best soccer player.”

Duke Rader, San Ignacio, 6-4, 230, Elder

One of the best outside linebackers is committed to playing at Stanford in the fall. He helped SI win three of four games this spring. “One of the best defensive players in the league and in the CCS,” said his coach John Regalia.

Dylan Thomas, Campolindo, 5-9, 175, Elder

Two-way running backwards and defensive players. Team’s top scorer with 621 yards. He finished with 839 all-purpose yards and six touchdowns as they advanced to Field-0-0 this spring.

Kicker / Painter

Gunnar Vedic, Archbishop Mitti, 6-4, 200, Elder

Both PATS and field goal attempts were a long 39 of 2. Blue Gray High School has been invited to play for the West in the All-American game at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. May.

Honorable mention

QB: Nick Bandanza (Branham), Nate Bell (Liberty), Jackson Berman (Valley Christian), Eli Brickandler (Pittsburgh), Jacob Griezel (Campolindo), Asher Haynes (itih), Alex Jacoby (Gondor) Fremont), James Lambert ( Gunn), Jesse Madden (Bishop Odd), William Muffitt (Half Moon Bay), Harris Necrasch (Irvington), Teddy Purcell (Sacred Heart Prep), Jack Quigley (San Ramon Valley), Jaden), Shawn Smith (Livermore), Trent Stephen (Mountain View), Jess Taylor (El Cerrito), Alejandro Villanueva (Mountain Eden)

Arabic: Dom Belomini (Livermore), Gavin Cribb (Monty Vista), Mark AB (Leyland), Crayon Fitch (Independence), Jordan Fuentes (Live Oak), Luther K. Glenn (Wilcox), Max Griffiths (Leigh), Justin Ginn (San Marine), George Hannah (Carlmont), Elias Herrera (Oak Grove), Antonio Hines (El Cerrito), Chris Lee (Irvington), Michael Lewis (Castro), Mehki Norfleet (de la Salle), Jaden Payne (Futhil) ), Mosaia Solala (Live Oak), Don’t Serry (Berkeley), Derrick Shearer (Homestead), Jacqueline Thurman (Del Mar), Evan Valladarez (Fremont-Sunny)

WR / TE: Paul Burton (Sacred Heart Preparation), Will Berion (Akalenes), Matt Cordova (Branham), Jack Andrey (Monty Vista), Prian George (Irvington), Jackson Harris (Berkeley), Tanner Hartwig, Ivy Jr. (Cathedral of the Sacred Heart), Andre Jackson (Prospect), Deniro Killian (Freedom), Roland Legaspi (Piedmont Hills), Darin Martin (Saint Teresa), Dante Montgomery (Akalens), DJ Montgomery (Akalens), CJ Dear Valley), Matt Polaski (Livermore), Dylan Prosso (Livermore), Leo Richold (Liberty), Crix Stuart (Benicia), Lucas Thompson (Northgate), Bruce Uperesa (Cathedral of the Sacred Heart), Trishan Vanat (Alameda)

All targets: Julian Daniels (Mountain View), Malachi Demos (De Anza), Anthony Freeman (Pinol Valley), Eric Hunter III (Our Valley), Sean McKenna (Carlmont), Kyle Pinkham (Los Gatos), Kier Stuart.

Ol: Joseph Almuhana (College Park), Aidan Bandes (Pittsburgh), Anthony Bilesy (Northgate), Colton Bonington (College Park), Nathaniel Carr (El Cerrito), Cody Carter (Alameda), Peter Deser (Sacred Heart Prep), Dimas (Half Moon Bay), Jacob Fusi (Her Tih), Greg Glasper (Pittsburgh), Jeffrey Hester (Sacred Heart Cathedral), Evan Iberra (St. Patrick-St. Vincent), Nicholas Lewis (Kennedy-Fremont), Nick Lam (, Nico Massey (Fremont-Sunnyvale), Seta Netan (San Ignacio), Arvin Ontiveros (Castro Valley), Kai Peterson-Davison (Marine Catholic), Mason Rees (Las Lamas), Diego Reis (de Anzal), Char), Philip Romero (Irvington), Luca Rossi (de la Salle), Jack Sally (Liberty), Matt Chaddle (Bishop Odd), Leki Tutua (Menlo-Atherton), Gavin Tobin (Independence), Antonio Vacamilalo (St. Francis), Andres Vernes (Mountain Eden), Owen Verdi (de la Salle), Jackson Wood (Hillsdale)

DL: William Baldwin (Freedom), Cody Boyers (Woodside), Evan Brunch-Haynes (Sacred Heart Cathedral), Damuriye Kanegan (Pittsburgh), Cooper Champion (Northgate), Tigana Sis (McClemland), Dortch (Benicia), Luke Edwards (Saratoga), Ken Erlan (Gunn), AJ Falevai (Pittsburgh), Ivoryon Flyton (Berkeley), Cipli Fonua (Bishop Odown), Noah Franklin-McNile (St. Patrick-St.), Kyle Gounavinak (Berkeley), James Gordon (Pinnall Valley), Caleb Hunter (Freedom), Mason Kimball (Piedmont), Swan Klokikhaukufisi (San Matio), Tanner Mackenzie (Alameda), Trevor McMillan (Pie), (), Nehemiah Musica (Valley Christian), Jared Palega (Clayton Valley Charter), Mateo Poso (Branham), Izaya Sabedra (Oak Grove), Jose Saludo (Piedmont Hills), Justin Stokes (Piedmont Hills)

LB: Jack Caterton (San Ramon Valley), Cameron Clinton (Dear Valley), Jetty Clark (Campolindo), Nico Cortesis (Acklens), Siaki Gallegos Hunkin (St. Ignatius), Connor Gambellin (Archbishop) Connor Grisham (Del Mar), William Hasselgren (Carlmont), Justin Iberra (De Anja), Tyler Lepolo (Independence), Lucas Linkhart (Clayton Valley Charter), Sam Loings (Half Moon Bay), Alejandro Lopez (Kennedy-Fremont) Sean Maguire (Los Gatos), Alo Matou (St. Francis), Eric Myers (best), Eli Noodleman (Livermore), Graham Oh (Acklans), Nick Ramirez (Evergreen Valley), Darius Sanders (Valley Christian), (Santa Teresa)

DB: Louis Barber (Oak Grove), Rigo Colindres (Leigh), Demetrius Freinei (San Leandro), Jacob Gates (Castro Valley), Rafael González (Woodside), Jibril Kamateh (Berkeley), Fayenne (Tay) McDougall (McClemunds), Thomas Engai (Homestead), Bryson Parker (Dear Valley), Corner Quisig (Half Moon Bay), Joel Smith (De Anja), Israel Tapia (Alameda), Landon Waters (Alhambra),

Public Services: Devin Arnold (Morio Catholic), Daniel Buttres (Mountain Eden), Bobby Brooks (St. Patrick-St. Vincent), Andrew Diegel (Northgate), Mason Davis (Mountain View), Jeremy Yerby (Minor), Menlo Dear Valley), Max Hefernan (Campolindo), Tristan Hoffman (Half Moon Bay), Kelly Husby (Saratoga), Journey James (Santa Teresa), Tyler Jarvis (California), D’Antonio Jerome (D’Antonio)), Calvin Miller ( Kennedy) -Fremont), Jaden Price (it), Jahsai Shannon (St. Ignatius), Javion Shepherd (St. Patrick-St. Vincent), Judah Shepard (Monte Vista), Ben Weiskoff (Hillsdale)