Ryan McGonegle

2021 Today’s Teen: Ryan McGonegle of Tremper High School

Name: Ryan McGangele

School: Trumper High School

Parents: Daniel and Tania McGangele

Highly Memorable High School Moments: When I was a freshman, my sister asked me to be her escort to Trump’s welcome rally. At first, I didn’t say it out of fear, but after a week of begging me, I finally said I would. I’m glad I did it because it was a great experience that I shared with my sister.

The most influential teachers: all; Every teacher I have has had a tremendous impact on me and I feel extremely fortunate for that. I don’t get this honor if my teachers don’t impress me the way they do, and I want to know how grateful I am for their efforts.

School Activities / Clubs: Choir / Madragal, National Honor Society, Renaissance Club, Student Government

School athletics: baseball, soccer

School Office Busy: Spirit Junior Executive in Student Government; Senior Executive of Student Government.

Honors, Letters, or Awards: Honor Roll (every semester); Letters from seven university students; Captain twice in soccer; Baseball captain; Bronze medal for the Renaissance; Silver medal of the Renaissance; 3.5 GPA and awards for student-athletes; ABCA Team Athlete in Baseball Award; Regional Baseball Champion; Divisional runner-up in baseball; MC C for school pip assemblies

Outdoor Activities / Hobbies: I play baseball for the Chicago White Sox travel team; I enjoy playing songs (guitar, bus guitar, voice).

College Choice: University of Wisconsin-Parkside Kenosha Ken

Head / Field of Study: Applied Sciences

Introductory model: my father

Three words that best describe my role model: competitive, humorous, determined

What I hope to achieve in my life: I hope to positively influence people no matter what I do in the future. I want to lead, for example, and be a role model for others.

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