Owen Wolcott

Owen Wolcott, accepted into Indianas business school, is putting on a hitting exhibition for Lincoln-Way West

On the first day of practice this season, when Lincoln-Way West One outfielder Owen Wolcott stepped foot into the batting cage, coach Jack Zazak couldn’t believe his eyes.

Or the ears of him.

As I was, wow, it’s different Z was running the cage inside the house, and then when we got out the ball flew off his bat.

The ball hastily stopped the Olcots flying at bat all season.

The left-arm veteran is hitting with 199 runs, eight doubles, one triple, four home runs and 24 RBIs.

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Owen is in a long-lasting heat wave, Zazak said. He ran the opposite field on the field against Stag. It was a shot. I told him that any job in the weight room was worth it. Everything he did was hilarious.

Olcott has always been a talented hitter, but the biggest difference from his sophomore season thus far is strength.

He never had more than one home run in a season.

I always had an HT contact, Olcott said. Mainly single and hit ball space.

He hit a laser beam home run against Homewood-Flsmoor on May 21 that crashed into the trees outside of right center field.

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I started working and it made a difference, Olcott said. Lifting weights has given me more strength.

Jazak has no doubt that Olcott College can compete at a higher level.

At Olcott Indianas Business School he adopted a 4.0 scale with a GPA of 4,655 and an SAT score of 1510. He intends to specialize in business finance and entrepreneurship.

Indiana, however, did not hire Walcott. In fact, he has rarely been hired.

According to Jazz, most of this was due to the Illinois High School Association canceling the carnavirus epidemic last season.

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Last year he might have opened his eyes a bit, the priest said. He is a college baseball player.

Olcott was also playing with a sore left arm that might require surgery.

“Physiotherapy has helped me a lot in what I can play on the field this year,” he said. Can I go through this without four years of surgery? The golden question.

Pastor Indiana wants to get to where Walcott decides to go to college and wants to play.

Olcott also played basketball at Lincoln-Way West, without deciding what to do.

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I am in a place where I am an academic first person, he said. I was lucky to enter Indianas Business School. It is an honor. But baseball has always been a part of my life. I have a difficult decision to make.

Zazak wants to sit down with his star player and move on to each option.

Owen is such a big boy, said the priest. He is respectful, hesitant and honest, he has a great attitude. He supports him 100%, whatever he decides. But you don’t mean on the street, I want to try playing college baseball.

Bilateral Highlight: Crit-Moni Mr. Lucas Spence had a force at the plate and the BB.

Hess hit .500 runs with 21 runs, six doubles, four triples, two home runs and 23 RBIs.

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Hess was 4-2 with a 3.13 ERA when he struck out 38 in 22 innings.

Spain, which throws its left hand at bat, will join Black Hawk Community College.

Crete-Moni’s coach Matt Meller said his work ethic is second to none. He spends all his free time in his basement or working in his garage. He was the MVP of our team as software and has led our team as a senior.

He wants the ball in hand with the ondbt in the big games and the plate is always there when we need it most.

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