Jake’s Take: What offseason? Summer projects keep spotlight on prep athletes

The football season lasts from 10 to 1 week.

Even when you get here before the start of the high school golf season and learn about soccer, cross country, men’s tennis, and volleyball, you will talk less than that.

So, it’s time to get to work.

Summer can be a “low season” for high school music writers like me, but that doesn’t mean the work stops. Far from it.

Of course, how our exceptional athletes in Richland County have judged the playgrounds … sporting events upload pictures and the night will not be after a good hammer of history spreads. I can take a little deep night’s rest.

But the spotlight will continue to be lit this summer with some fun projects planned for the next 10 weeks in addition to the prep athletes. So get ready for an endless dose of high school sports to fill the pages of the Mansfield News Journal, for our annoying phone calls and emails (I take that as a compliment) for everything under the sun except our coverage of high school sports.

Because here in New Jersey, we are not leaving the summer. We don’t hide for 70 days. High school athletes give it to them 12 months of the year and they deserve us to do it.

This is what we will do this summer with these fun projects:

Richland 200 Series

Richland County’s top two hundred high school athletes will shine this summer. A project that started as a way to fill the pages during the COVID-19 epidemic is becoming an annual summer tradition. This is the only good thing that has come out of the epidemic.

For the next 10 weeks, New Jersey’s weekend versions will be packed with athletes and what to expect from them in the 2021-22 athletic season. Each week, 20 athletes will be divided into two articles per name and week, and the sports section will be completed in the days after. Athletes have already been selected and ranked as Top Returning Athletes.

If my math is correct, (I won’t trust it; I have a minor in professional writing) Richland County has 32 All-Ohio athletes returning for the 2022-22 season. Only three of them are the two-sport All-Ohian, Lucas’s Shelby Grover and Shelby’s Marshall Shepherd and Blaine Bowman. So you can guess three athletes who will already be in the top 10.

This year we have an exceptional list and it was very difficult to get them right and I did the best I could. If you think an athlete has been rated too low, that’s fine, but instead of complaining, I should be encouraged to use it as motivation to prove me wrong; I don’t care at all.

Richland Series 25

To congratulate the best athletes in the 2022-22 season, the Richland 25 Series will screen the best teams to return to the best athletic season.

This was very difficult to classify. We have some great teams to get back on all boards and it was almost impossible to solve them, but I did my best. I feel like we have a state championship team to create so many more people who have high expectations seeing their talent return. I’ll release three teams a week until we get to the top 13 and then we’ll go with two people a week.

Once it drops to the top 5, we will end the countdown with one day. This is exactly what we need to get ahead of Falls Sports.

Again, you don’t like the ranking of any team, cut the paper of the day and stick it on the billboard. Tell the team I’m sleeping on and prove me wrong.

Jack’s List

This week I was relegated to the top 5 or top 10 on the list of specific topics that I wanted to do something new. The maximum rivalry, the best moments, the most loved, the most hated, every week, something different. If you have any suggestions, please email me at jfurr@gannett.com. I am always ready for advice.


This is something that I have been trying to speed up for a few years and will try again this summer. If you have a question about sports, shoot me. My direct messages on Twitter (@ JackFour11) are open, my email is always open, and you can see my phone number at the bottom of this column. People use my contact information for different purposes, but if we can use it for something good, then it’s great.

Other projects

This will be the case for the reconsidered projects, but much remains to be done. I still need to pitch my MNJ baseball and softball teams and Bill Kosiliski will do some final work on the courts and spring tennis.

News Journal Scholar-Athlete Enterprise is coming soon. I need to meet with John Spencer to select

Please check back on HSSLiveNow.com News for more details:

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