Bremerton High School Football Coach Joe Kennedy Returns to Area Since Supreme Court Victory

Smooomish, Washington, February 28, 2023 (Globe News Wire) -Corte de Estue 2022, 18 years -wold Retirement, Jokkene and his first amendment. The right to thank the end of the football game in Bremarton High School will be the head coach of the Rezlov Men’s Conference held on March 10 and 11 at the House of Representatives at Snowmish, Washington. The director Joe will talk about generous problems and religion of religion. Other speakers include former MLB player Steven Shuja Jr., coach Mike Canaway, Daniel Richie, DJ Rev and Comedian Nazales, who inspires Top in the United States.

Kennedy BHS Bar was an assistant coach of the city’s football team. Before training the first game, he was grateful for the end of each game for the achievement of the soccer coach of Marines and the opportunity to be part of his life through football. I promised. He was full of disapproval of his school district and became a long judicial war. On June 2, 222, the Supreme Court ruled that it would support Kennedy and his first amendment. He is anxious to return and return to the field. The film inspired by his life is in development. He continued talking throughout the country and preached freedom of expression.

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